Only days after the release: Ripple Escrow XRP returns Token again

Ripple, Inc. has returned all the tokens from the last Escrow release. The sum of one billion XRP was only for a few days by the Wallets – allegedly with no distribution or sale.

Ripple returns the most recent XRP-Tranche

Such as Wal-established observers, has arrived in the most recent Escrow Tranche at the beginning of the month. The usual 1 billion XRP has been released and returned later in instalments.
The Transfers were done in three transactions, the largest with a circumference of 500 million XRP.
In the case of the previous Escrow release verb about 400,000 XRP love in external Wallets to be sold or distributed. Again, there was concern about Ripples intentions to sell the Coins, especially the XRP prices continue to fall.
XRP fell during the last clearance sale up to 0.21 $ and is 0,219 $. At this time, the XRP-loss for 2019 and again at almost 30%, with only odd there is hope for a possible rally.
Nevertheless, Ripples of readiness could hold on to the asset, hope concerning the future development. Currently, the use of XRP for the decentralized RippleNet Protocol is optional.
The transactions in the Ripple network in October and November showed a significant recovery, they increased to a few million per day.
At this point it is uncertain where the transactions originate, but there are records of significant value transfers by Ripples Protocol. Actual XRP transactions are just part of the Mix.

XRP makes many continue to hope

The recent return of the entire Escrow balance for the month is seen by many also as bullish because the supply is effectively limited.
XRP also has a number of reliable supporters. Even if the increase is not imminent: Some hold XRP for a rating and the current low prices as a buying opportunity.
XRP has coped with short-term rallies, but the overall Trend remains bearish. At the beginning of December 2018 traded XRP at 0.35 $ and moved in most of the months close to 0,30 $, with the exception of a rally in the middle of the year. XRP is now in a price region that is closer to the range of 0.20$.
Ripple still holds almost 50 billion Coins, and Escrow transactions are based on a fixed time plan more than 17 years.

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