Presentation of the Silk Road Corner of LGR Group

The time to run a single token (token digital) was already a value-added is gone. There are currently hundreds of crypto-currencies and thousands of tokens in the world of crypto-currencies. Therefore, when a company wants to succeed, it must offer not just one crypto-currency or a single token, but a value proposition for an entire ecosystem. This is the case of the proposal that we present today : the Silk Road Corner by the group LGR.

What do we mean by “Silk Road” ?

Before entering the heart of the matter, we need to be clear on what we are talking about when we speak of the Silk Road (silk road).
Silk Road, in the world of crypto-currencies, makes reference to the first and most legendary market in line with the bitcoin. He sold absolutely everything, including drugs and weapons. This adventure of the elimination of middlemen has ended with the conviction of the founder (Ross Ulbrich) to life in prison in the United States and a large controversy on a topic that has been discussed for other aspects : the supplier of a tool is he guilty of what people are doing ?
But no, when LGR brings his Silk Road, it is in a sense more classical. The term “silk road” comes from the Renaissance, where the travel books of Marco Polo describes the silk road as a major trade route that starts in China, crosses the whole of Asia and all of Europe, and reached the most important ports of Europe, such as Venice at the time.
This is precisely the goal of LGR, which seeks to create a banking platform that will connect all countries along this trade route in history.

What is the group LGR ?

LGR Group is a company based with its headquarters in Belize and specializing in banking and trading, and gold (in all its sectors of activity).
Currently, its main activity is the trade of gold, since the producers (especially in Africa) to the distributors or to refineries for processing. It also has an important branch of trade of raw materials, through its contacts in the oil sector in the Middle East.
In recent times, it has also activities for the exchange of crypto-currencies for customers in a large volume (OTC).
And in the near future, its big bet is the Platform banking and currency of Silk Road.

What is Silk Road Corner ?

Silk Road Corner is the crypto-currency of the future platform of services to crypto-banks and cross-border movements of money between the countries of the silk road. It aspires to unify all of the countries that the silk road passes through, by forming a common market and by giving them access to all under the same currency. It is interesting to remember that we are talking about 65 countries, including China and many european countries, which collect up to one-third of the world’s population. The challenge for their economic unification is a dream which can be very profitable. And he has the endorsement of leading business organizations asian concerned.
The objective is to contribute to increase the wealth of nations and the standard of living of their citizens through trade.
On the technical side, we are talking about a currency built during the Blockchain Waves, one of the blockchains the fastest, safest and most decentralized in the world. This is to allow a good functioning and not be affected by the saturation of the network, as is often the case with the network Ethereum and Bitcoin. In a first time, it is a crypto-currency, the price of which is linked to the euro (although it is cheaper at the ICO).
The value proposition of the Silk Road Corner includes international business professionals deemed to be working for those who acquire initially token SRC :

The cross-border payments between member countries.
Interconnection of banks and of financial systems in member countries.
Services of crypto-bank :

Exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa.
Credit card.
Loans and deposits in crypto-currency.
Exchange of foreign currency against property, and contracts to be intelligent.

In this way, those who choose initially to be part of the CBC will see how the experts LGR analyze dozens or hundreds of projects and was replaced by the more prométteurs, thus having access to the investments (and returns) which until now were reserved only to the private sector of the otc.

The ICO of Silk Road ICO

The best is to ” show the example “. The SRC was created in the framework of the blockchain Waves, and it was not therefore necessary to perform an ICO is typical, in a crypto-exchange-typical. First of all, for the costs associated that it would, but mostly for the hazards arising from the centralization of the point of sale. You are exposed to attacks, theft and piracy.
This is why this phase of the ICO is carried out in the form of an exchange decentralized on the blockchain Waves.
To do this, simply install the DEX Waves (Waves Decentralized Exchange), and from there we go to the tab ” trades “, and it seeks the id of the token SRC : CjhHBGdQycCgmP4vRoWvEL1SLzSUw5d2gwvs4fr84dbu. With this, we can identify the chip on the market and accept the sale offer or make a new offer, always in a format of exchange decentralized.
Other forms of purchase involve an exchange of currencies, it is therefore preferable to go directly to the page of the ICO, the group’s web site LGR.
Here are some technical details on the chip and the OIC :

Total supply : token-SRC.
Soft cap : 100 000 000 000 token-SRC.
Hard cap : 500 000 000 token-SRC.
Price : 1 EUR. Prize at the ICO 0.90 EUR
Deadline : the ICO ends on 30 April


If you are looking for a complete ecosystem managed by professionals, Silk Road Corner of LGR Overall seems to be a great opportunity to study.
Links to stay informed : web , Twitter , LinkedIn , Telegram

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