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A query to the community is defined, more than double the number of votes, to reject the changes.The proposal is expected to prevent any change before you migrate the network to the Test of Participation (PoS).Aragon, the platform of decentralized applications (Dapps) for the creation of autonomous organizations decentralized (DAO), decided to oppose possible changes in the mining algorithm in the blockchain of Ethereum. At least, the community members of this project who participated in a consultation on the subject, are opposed to any such changes before the step to the new version of the network, Ethereum 2.0.The respondents answered to the proposal, “Opposition to any change in the mining algorithm before Ethereum 2.0” or AGP-112. The Twitter account of Aragon published the results of the query this 2 of November, when you closed the voting, is defined between the holders of the token aragon (ANT), native to the platform.Through the social network presented the results of the query. In total, the members of the network had 859.863 ANT in favor of the proposal to reject the changes. On the other hand, 394.111 ANT is used to speak out against the AGP-112, still be in favour of making changes in the mining algorithm.In your Github repository, Aragon explains that the proposal is expected to reject any change before you migrate the network Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS), unless the change is to be introduced as a response to a “fatal flaw” in the current process of mining in Ethereum.The text defines this “fatal flaw” such as a failed operation to break the chain of blocks. For example, problems in the speed of extraction of blocks. In summary, it is any failure that represents a cessation in the production of blocks and confirmation of transactions in the chain. In this way, among the changes to those that oppose lies that have been raised with the Working Test Program (ProgPoW).

Voting mechanism in Aragon

The consultation on the mining of Ethereum is included along with more than a dozen other proposals. Among these proposals, they also adopted a system of rewards for voluntary contributions to the development of the network, or a maximum budget priced in the criptomoneda anchored or stablecoin DAI.The process of voting number 4 in Aragon, also included the decision to reject proposals such as the implementation of the convention AraCon 2020 or the extension of the program of rewards for finding errors in the network.The margin of the results obtained by this consultation process, the voting system has already been bumped with drawbacks above. Thus, in a voting process earlier carried out in April of this year, the publication of the researcher Evan Van Ness showed in your web site, how the whale ended up tipping the scales at the last minute in some of the queries. At that time, it was decided to keep the development of Aragon in Ethereum, instead of migrating to Polkadot, your competition.The voting system in Aragon are based on the tenure of the token ANT. The amount of ANT in a certain direction of the platform defines their voting power. Therefore, an individuality or organization has the ability to alter the outcome of a query. This may occur even against the will of a greater amount of members of the community.As previously, the development of the Aragon has distanced itself from the steps of Ethereum. Aragon One, arm technology for the project, presented last October by the proposal to create its own blockchain to get out of Ethereum, in anticipation of the version 2.0 of this final could pose problems for the functioning of Aragon.The proposal, however, contemplates maintaining the compatibility with Ethereum. This would allow the DAO who wish to continue working with this blockchain can do it without problems, according to what explains the publication in the blog of Aragon.

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