Rumors of Facebook’s crypto-currency: Is Libra indeed, just before the From?

Facebook is going to reconsider its Libra-crypto-tokens after he has encountered regulatory hurdles. The new digital system could adopt the whole of Libra and instead of virtual Coins to offer, the only Fiat currencies represent.

Libra-the Association holds on to the introduction

The Libra-Association is received, however, Facebook could get rid of the Plan for the creation of a new crypto-Coins. “The Information” reported that the Social Media giant gives up his plans for the disruption of the global financial system.
Originally, the launch of Facebook’s Libra for the first few months of the year 2020, it was planned. The responses of several Central banks were, however, suspect that Libra would not be easy to meet all regulatory requirements.
Facebook, as The Verge cited, but claims to have not given up plans to introduce a Libra-crypto-Tokens completely.
A Facebook spokesman about Libra:

“The message that Facebook is not the intention of the Libra-currency in its Calibra-Wallet to offer, is completely wrong. Facebook remains the project fully committed.“

The Calibra-Wallet, the main carrier of the potential of digital Assets, will come in October, and not only in the middle of the year on the market, the report says. However, the Wallet will keep to be expanded to contain versions of Fiat currencies – with the potential, the Libra Token.
For this purpose, Disparte, Director of the Department of policy and communications of the Libra-Association Dante:

“The Libra Association has not changed its target, a regulatory-compliant global payment network, and the basic Design principles that support this objective have not been changed and also not the potential of this network, to promote future innovation.”

The Libra Association, recently tweeted their intention to revolutionize the global payment system with direct Transfers from the Facebook Chat and WhatsApp.

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Calibra-Wallet moved to October

Libra has been criticised by both official organizations, as well as of the crypto-community. While the introduction of a popular crypto-Coins is regarded as a positive development, see critics, the possibility to control funds and to block, what is Libra in Essence, different as Bitcoin, to a further highly controlled asset.

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