Securing your bitcoin is now even better with the Shamir Backups of your wallet

Not your keys, not your call. This refers to Andreas Antonopoulos, to be one of the best features of bitcoin. If you are not in control of the private keys of your bitcoin, then you are not the owner of the coins.
To make it easier for you to use this private key is supported by a recovery seed, which is composed of either 12 or 24 words. Satoshi Labs Prague from the Czech republic (and well-known on the hardware wallet, Trezor, will be one of recovery, as the seed to a lot of risk, and there is now a greater recovery of seeds!

Why is this a risk?

When you create a new wallet, to create, to be your cryptocurrency to manage it, you will get a list of 24 words. These are the words that can be compared to the title: if you like these words of possession, you will be in control of the private key. The private key is a digital key, to prove that some of the coins are yours.
You can also choose to have a different wallet to use it, in that case, do you have the original recovery as the seed, and you’ll see that you still have control over your coins. You may feel it coming, but one of a series of words that convey a lot of risks with it. A thief will only have 24 words to be in control of your coins to it. Also, are there any situations that could result in a fire or water damage in your home, then the piece of paper on which these words have been written also in danger. Or.. well, that happens to most of them, you will simply have your recovery seed is lost.

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A good idea is to have multiple copies of your list of words, but it increases the chances that one of these items in someone else’s hands again.
If you are in the safety of your computer’s plot, it is a good idea to take into account the loss, theft, or damage. However, there are several things to keep in mind. Anyone who has access to your bitcoin if something happens to you? And to be able to the crooks to you to force your recovery to predict the price of it?

The solution: more recovery a

After years of development, has Satoshi Labs has a solution. It is implemented on a hardware wallet and Trezor, Model, T. and Satoshi Labs says the solution Shamir, Backup, named according to Adi Shamir, is the author of a cryptographic algorithm named Shamir’s Secret Sharing.

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When you create a new wallet with the Shamir, a Backup is created, it generates Trezor Model of T is a user-defined amount of word lists, each list consists of an array of 20 words. You will then have to decide how much of the vocabulary needed to access the bitcoin on the wallet. Satoshi Labs will come up with the following example.

Not all of the vocabulary needed

Create six word lists, and set up in four of the six lists, the need to have for your wallet to recover. It is then up to you to decide whether you have those lists to keep. Of course, in all different places as you can, there is still none of your business. You can hide it, share it with people you trust, or, to the best of the two together.
The risk is that all of these six distinct areas, something is happening, it is significantly smaller than that in a single place.
Two advantages: you don’t have that four-word lists, also not at the same time to carry out, you can disconnect the device and continue later on with the restore. Also, it does not matter which four of the six word lists that you are using, it may just be a random mix.
This is a new beveligingsmethode is, as yet, available only on the Trezor Model T. do you Have a Trezor hardware wallet, though, and if you want to make use of the Shamir, a Backup? Please read this owner’s manual. If you have a new Trezor to have purchased it, please read this owner’s manual.

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