Stellar (XLM) Vs. EOS (EOS) – Which One Would You Bet On?

Stellar (XLM) Vs. EOS (EOS) - Which One Would You Bet On?

CANBERRA, Australia — Stellar (XLM) vs. EOS (EOS) is defying the bear market territory engulfing the cryptocurrency world today.  Despite most digital currencies experiencing price slumps and lackluster investing, these two tokens are fighting the current.

Crypto bulls see great potentials for EOS (EOS).  Currently trading at $8.79, this virtual currency’s price is predicted to further soar to $10 this weekend. The “Ethereum on Steroids” attracts investors with its dApps, Smart contracts capabilities, and enhanced scalability.

At this point, a rosy outlook is painted by the increase in EOS’s (EOS) trading volumes, reaching up to 860%. This surge in investor interest helps EOS’s (EOS) market capitalization skyrocket to $6.9 billion.

The main contributors to this bullish run and heightened visibility and liquidity for EOS are the following:

1) eosDAC shares for every 100 EOS balance in Ethereum wallets;

2) an airdrop clamor on April 15;

3) being well-received by Asian markets; and

4) being a component of 116 virtual currency exchanges worldwide.

In spite of this spectacular bullish run for EOS (EOS), an airdrop-driven sharp reverse may transpire soon past April 15.  Given this uncertainty, a short-term position is not recommended.

Stellar (XLM) is poised to be the darling of the cryptocurrency world as compared to EOS. With imminent deals with FinTech giants Deloitte and IBM, Stellar (XLM) is reckoned to be a game changer in the financial sector.

This is proven by the Stellar (XLM) team’s engagement with financial consulting, efficient and affordable cross-border remittances, blockchain technology, asset management, and coin offerings and tokenized assets hostings.

Currently trading at $0.251341, still distant from its highest price of $0.91, Stellar’s (XLM) success is Ripple-dependent. Yet if this proves triumphant, it will possibly be the digital currency for international central banks. Liquidity is another drawback for Stellar (XLM), but this can be compensated by its listing on coin exchange juggernauts Binance and Bittrex.

With the possibility of the IBM project gaining ground, this can help boost interest and value for Stellar (XLM).  Thus, in the Stellar (XLM) vs. EOS (EOS) rivalry, Stellar (XLM) apparently outperforms EOS (EOS) and is deemed the best investment for the long-term.

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