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Telegram Messenger: 300 million users will soon be able to trade crypto-currencies

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Probably in October of this year, users of the Telegram is Messaging App with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum can act, stated in a communication of 27. August 2019.

“Send crypto to any friend, via @username.”

According to an article by Forbes, it will soon be possible, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies on the Messaging to purchase service Telegram, and to act. The BUTTON Wallet developed software solution should allow you to Send Crypto over the Telegram user name and could reach over 300 million potential users.
Alex Safonov, co-founder and CEO of BUTTON Wallet, commenting on the goal of the project with the following words:

“Our goal is to give people the opportunity to participate in Peer-to-Peer transactions without risk to one of the largest Messenger platforms, Telegram, to participate.”

For the introduction of users to receive a small amount of Telegram Test-Token (GRAM), to the service test extensively.
By the Test Token Safonov promises to promote the acceptance of:

“The biggest obstacle for Cryptos, the mass acceptance. What we have created, will help people to trade crypto-currency without spending real money“

On the Website BUTTON in front of the Wallet with the six basic functions. There it is, users can:

Crypto-currencies to each friend on the user name to send
a Cryptocurrency into another Cryptocurrency exchange and change
Crypto-currencies buy and sell
Notifications about course prices and transactions received
your Wallet on all devices with the same account
be sure that the private keys are not stored on the BUTTON on the Wallet servers

Telegram received 1.7 billion dollars from investors

Originally, the Startup Messaging planned to service the Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, a public ICO to Finance your Telegram Open Network (TON). After the company could just collect $ 1.7 billion in two rounds of financing, were deleted from the plans out of hand. The Durov brothers are said to have been with the collected funds satisfied and did not want to expose themselves to the operational and regulatory problems associated with a public ICO.

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Bradley Johnson

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