Tether (USDT) is donating $ 1 million to the victims of hurricane Hotel, also the Binance and Coinbase help with Breaking News

Tether Ltd., the company behind the stablecoin Tether (USDT) has announced its intention to offer one million dollars to donate to the victims of the hurricane Hotel, to help.

To accept donations for the relief effort

In addition to their own donations, they have one ship to address set up for donations in the USDT. This email address has been provided to the affected communities in the Bahamas, and to support them. The company says that all of the donations we receive will be sent to the Deltec Cares, a not-for-profit organization that will have an immediate and long-term assistance to survivors of natural disasters. Binance a Charity, and Coinbase will also have campaigns set up in order to donate money for the relief effort.
Tether Limited has been donation made by Deltec Bank and Trust Limited which is located in the Bahamas. This is the organization behind the Deltec Cares, where the Tether of their accounts with performance.

Coinbase and Binance can help too

The stablecoinboer, it is not the only one out of the cryptowereld that are in the best place. On the 5th of september, the Binance a Charity Foundation, a philanthropic initiative of the exchange, which started a campaign for the victims of the hurricane Hotel, to help. The charity has announced that the food and assistance we offer to victims through local organizations. The Binance Charity Foundation is now accepting donations in bitcoin (BTC), binance coin (BNB), and XRP.
Lend a Hand Bahamas, a foundation, which is working with a Us cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, to cryptodonaties to be able to receive it.

Hurricane Hotel is included in category 5 to hit the Bahamas on the 1st of september. The official death toll is currently in the thirties, however, the Bahamian minister of Health, Mr Sands is expected that this number is still growing. The international federation of the Red Cross claims that more than 45 per cent of the houses in the Bahamas has been severely damaged or destroyed. United nations officials read also sounding the alarm more than 70 thousand people need immediate assistance.

Cryptocurrency for the common good

This is not the first time that a cryptocurrency will be for the charity:

Earlier this week, called the Rainforest Foundation, and the support from the cryptocurrency community, with the hashtag #CryptoFireFighter. They are asking for donations to support the fight against the ontbossingscrisis in the Amazon basin.
One of the other association, Fidelity Charitable has been 2015 for more than 100 million dollars in the cryptocurrency donations are received.
Binance a Charity Foundation have announced a Pink Care-of Token (PCAT) for. This is a token that is focused on improving the health of women in developing countries. The token is in the Binance Chain, and is associated with a year’s supply of sanitary towels.
The NBA basketball team the Sacramento Kings in the stadium, several miners are to be placed. The proceeds of the geminede ether can be used in order to help underprivileged young people study.
Unicef has in the last year open when you have a little bit of computing power you can donate to. Your use of the website, this is to cryptocurrency to mine.
And you have bitcoin cash? With this, you can make a donation to eatBCH. The purpose of the eatBCH, it is to be hungry, to fight against them.

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