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The Best Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler) 2020 – How To Mix Your Coins?

Have you heard that Bitcoin transactions are far away from being anonymous? If this news was as no surprise to you, probably, you’ve got already used tumbler services and mixed your coins to form them untraceable.

If it’s already happened otherwise you decide to do this, there may be a top of blending websites where you’ll choose the simplest Bitcoin mixer personally for you. you’ll agree that it’s a necessity to stay in mind a reliable platform to access any time once you got to clean your tinted coins or make them untraceable.

Best and Trusted Bitcoin Tumbling Services

Bitcoin mixing has become incredibly popular since the time when the primary evidence of coin traceability has been presented. A pseudo-anonymous character of crypto transactions led to the very fact that crypto holders began to seem for reasonable and effective ways of the way to increase the extent of confidentiality and Bitcoin mixing platforms became one among them.


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Cryptomixer Features

  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin
  • Transaction fee: from 0.5% to 3%
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.01 BTC
  • Multiple Addresses: 10
  • Confirmations Required: yes
  • No Logs Policy: yes
  • Registration Required: no
  • Referral Program: no
  • Letter of Guarantee: yes

Cryptomixer Review 2020 review 2020

The platform began to supply mixing services in 2016 and is actively employed by crypto owners today. It features a reserve of 2,000 coins which allows forming tumbling almost instant and helps to decrease their traceability to the minimum. All the info about the transaction is deleted in 7 days. This service says about proven on BitcoinTalk reserves and marks every coin which been already cleaned on the platform to stop it from the return to the customer’s wallet again. it’s performed via providing a singular CryptoMixer code during the primary transaction.

The mixing procedure on the platform is extremely simple and quick. there’s no got to register since you’ll start mixing once you open the web site landing page and press the ‘Start’ button. you’ll be redirected to the page where you need:

  1. To provide a CryptoMixer code (invent and write it down if you employ this service for the primary time)
  2. To enter bitcoin forward to deal with or several of them (up to 10). Funds are distributed by percentages indicated next to every address. it’s possible to regulate them on the bar under the service charge bar:
  3. Set a delay (optional). The system determines a delay time automatically and shows it next to every destination address. It are often adjusted on the bar at rock bottom of the page too
  4. Select a service charge by dragging the bar. The minimum fee is 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC for each transaction. It are often lower if you combine a much bigger amount of cryptocurrency (for example, 0.25% for mixing 1,000BTC).
  5. When all this information is provided, it’s necessary to press ‘Continue’ and accept two terms of the platform. thenyou’ll got to send funds to the platform to the address generated or scanning a QR code provided. This page also will provide you with to download a Letter of Guarantee for your security.
  6. The platform offers a calculator on the primary page for each user to ascertain what proportion cryptocurrency is shipped and what amount is received after mixing. Other great features are a lifetime affiliate program which pays out up to 50%, mobile responsiveness, and easy-to-use API.

A mixer, scrambler or tumbler may be a website that’s employed by Bitcoin holders to disconnect the sender and recipient of the transaction. it’s performed by mixing user’s coins within the general pool with coins of other users and personal reserves of the service. The procedure is straightforward and cheap though it requires a while to finish – on most of the services, users select the time of delay themselves and it can take up to many days until clean coins are delivered to the address provided.

Today, more and more websites start offering mixing services to crypto holders, but not all of them are often trusted. we’ve selected 10 best scramblers suitable for mixing coins.


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Chipmixer Features:

  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin
  • Transaction fee: pay what you want
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
  • Multiple Addresses: unlimited
  • Confirmations Required: from 1 to 6
  • No Logs Policy: yes
  • Registration Required: no
  • Referral Program: no
  • Letter of Guarantee: yes

Chipmixer Review 2020 full review 2020

Being one among the mixers which guarantees a way higher anonymity level than others, ChipMixer is additionally a singular chip tumbler that works in an absolutely different way from other services. The service has wallets with chips that range from 0.01BTC to 8.192BTC which may be split and merged consistently with the needs of their holder. These chips are delivered to the wallets before a crypto holder sends funds to the platform, so it’s impossible to attach the subsequent transactions in any way.

Moreover, every user has up to 7 days or maybe more (on request) to send coins after the initiation of the blending process. However, the private keys to the wallet with chips are given to a user only funds are delivered to the service. From this moment, a user can split and merge coins within the necessary amounts, send them to addresses required, or simply store them expecting their value to grow. All the processes are performed manually, so users aren’t hooked in to any services and may distribute funds as they want.

Since mixing is performed by the user, there’s no standard fee for this process and crypto holders can decide themselves what amount to donate. it’s worth mentioning that deposits are counted till three decimal points and a platform gives every user a signed receipt as a reliable source of coin origin. Moreover, there’s a betting choice to celebrate and even increase your crypto assets if you’re lucky.