The central Bank of Sweden, wants to be an international center of innovation cryptocurrency in your own country, the BTC Immediately

The Riksbank wants to innovatiehub for the digital currency, the Bank for International settlements (BIS) are hosting. This is the central bank of Sweden, started in February, with the testing of a central bank of digital currency (CBDC).


The Riksbank also announced the news on the 6th of march, and noted that the bank has, at the hub in Sweden to be able to draw on a number of measures to take in order for the activity to be financed.
One of the proposals is an amendment to the Sveriges Riksbank Act, which the Swedish parliament’s approval is sought for the activities of international organisations, in order to finance it.
The Riksbank has, for the parliament to be asked to do such activities for five years, and at a maximum of 30 million sek (2.75 million euros) in the year to co-fund projects. That is, if the BIS chooses to do so, the hub is in Sweden at the turn.

Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong

The BIS has, in the course of 2019 is not substantiated for the BIS in the Innovation Hub. The goal is to create a place where all of the central banks of the opportunity to share knowledge and gain at the global payments and financial system and to strengthen it.
The previous suggested locations where this kind of global teams to work together were in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Fits in Sweden

For Sweden this is to want to draw was in line with expectations. As a center of innovation for the CBDC’s consistent with the increased digitalisation of the payment services in the country. The Riksbank also says that its use of cash, and falling fast.
The central bank also said that they are currently at an advantage compared to their concullega from other countries as well. Therefore, it is critical that the hub is their land that is set-up so that others have the knowledge to be able to take.
It’s the Swedish Riksbank, the us is in december 2019 at the latest, for the first time about their plans for a new CBDC e-the crone. In order for the platform to build, will work together with the Irish Company. On the 20th of February, began in Sweden, with the testing of the e-crone, and announced that this is a trial for a year.

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