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The chips ERC-20 CS will migrate soon to the token native of the Blockchain Credits

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December 1, 2019 by Clementine

The team Credits (CS) pursuing the development of its Blockchain. This time, she comes to announce the upcoming launch of the conversion of token ERC-20 CS chip CS on the blockchain, which is native to Credits.

A temporary shutdown is planned

Planned for the day of 20 December, this event would be supported by the crypto-exchange KuCoin. Therefore, all operations, including transactions, deposits and withdrawals on the chips, will be closed from noon UTC on that date and during the 24 hours that follow.
This being the case, Credits motivates its users by creating new possibilities of application in financial models of various companies, via its token native CS. In effect, the services Blockchain Credits allow companies worldwide to create and store crypto-data ultra-secure.
In addition, the ability to issue digital assets (creation of tokens on the Blockchain Credits would re-inject a request to his token native, given that the token is used as a currency intermediary during the purchase of the tokens issued on the blockchain.

Credits is a leader in the sector of the Blockchain

The Blockchain Credits is a figure of fame on the crypto-sphere. She has managed to make its place on the international market by partnering with several large companies, namely IBM, Lenovo, and Mina Stones.
What is more, it is currently regarded as being the first Blockchain to have a technology ready to be adopted in mass, in particular on the financial markets, due to its volume of exchange result as well as its high processing speed.
Just 0.1 of a second to confirm a transaction while generating about 5 blocks per second. In addition, it would be capable of performing up to 1 million transactions per second, each transaction would cost only about 0.00001 $.
What do you think of this move of the Blockchain Credits (CS) ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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