The DNB looks at stablecoins if the balance is a threat to trust and confidence in the euro and its own monetary policy, the BTC Immediately

Facebook move with the Balance of international governments and central banks worldwide are on edge. The international debate regarding cryptocurrency is all the way open, and the central banks ‘ focus on the question of whether it is a digital currency, should be developed. Also, De Nederlansche Bank, has now written an article on this very topic.

Form stablecoins to be a threat?

The article focuses on stablecoins. That cryptomunten the value of which is linked to currencies such as the euro or the us dollar. What is remarkable is that DNB will not Tether to appoint. At this time Tether is the most commonly used stablecoin.
At the time of this writing, there are even more dealt with Tether in bitcoin, according to data from Coinmarketcap. This is because cryptohandelaren Tether to use in order to trade. At trade shows such as the Binance, you can easily make an altcoin exchange it for a Tether. And then there’s yet another altcoin to buy.
In contrast to the Tether, to appoint the DNB’s Balance-of Facebook, as the most well-known initiative. In addition, tech companies like Apple with Apple Pay will also be active in the world of international money transfers. Finally, JPM’s Coin will be referred to as the new cryptomunt of the Us-based bank JP Morgan.
The DNB looks at these coins, certainly are a threat. According to the DNB, it is the confidence in the euro is of crucial importance. Coins, Facebook, and Apple are a completely new area. In addition, the DSO is still a risk. The Balance will ensure that the impact of monetary policy is reduced. The Libra takes the power away from the central bank.

The ECB will then own a real euro to spend?

DNB is now taking a more active role in the search for a Central Bank of Digital Currency to the European Central Bank (ECB). The Financial times spoke to a spokesperson of the Dutch central bank, ” The eurosystem, there was still little support for a CBDC, however, it is due to the recent developments in the field once again on the agenda.’
If there is a Balance to come, but for ourselves, so you can be in the opinion of the Dutch central bank, ECB, is also seen. The Dutch central bank and the ECB are certainly not in the first, China and Turkey have also been active in working with the CBDC.

By default, arguments

DNB encourages developments such as the Balance, but to also identify many of the risks. And are the risks that you see in the newspapers, it reads like it’s about the cryptocurrency’s going. Concerns about money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion and privacy. There is almost an anti-computer bingo to make (this is especially nice during the holiday season).
As an example of money laundering via bitcoin is not a good idea. Just think about it, all the data are stored on the bitcoin blockchain, you can publicly find it. A bitcoin receiving address appears to be anonymous, but having some trouble linking it to a sense of identity.
At the time, your bitcoin will want to exchange it for euros or dollars, you should be able to identify a cryptocurrency broker. In the future, legislation on encryption of brokers and the stock exchanges have, it is virtually impossible to be anonymous in bitcoin to exchange to different currencies.
Also, the impact of cryptocurrency on the financing of terrorism, is not clear. There goes the same argument as in the money laundering transactions, are open to the public, to trace through the blockchain. Yaya Fanusie analyzing the illegal transactions, he told us last year that the united states Congress: “Cold, hard, cash is still king.’

The more mature the market,

But no matter how you look at it, is that the ccd is also on this development in writing, it is at least interesting. Cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town, in the world of finance. It is a sign that the market is more mature, it may be, it is.
The Balance can be regulated, bitcoin may not be so easy to stop. There is no CEO of Bitcoin, which can be justified by a national government. Bitcoin is decentralized and open to everyone.

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