The employees of the sector of the Blockchain chinese are seeing a significant drop in wages

March 25, 2020 by Clementine

While the demand for talent in the Blockchain in China continues to increase, a report on the professional development relating to the technology has revealed that the country had reduced the wages of the employees of the Blockchain in 2019.

A low competence of professionals of the sector

According to the report of the Internet Industry Research Institute of the University of Tsinghuan, entitled ” 2020 China Blockchain Professional Development Report “, China has shown less grateful vis-à-vis the employees of the industry of the Blockchain. On average, the pay slip of the professionals in the sector shows a decline of 37% in 2019, compared to that of last year.
Although the solicitation of the business is still more vivid if we compare the number of applicants seeking to enter the sector, the decrease in the average salary of the employees has still taken place because of the inexperience of the job seekers.
In other words, the number of job seekers tends to increase, but very few candidates fit the profile required by the companies recruiting.

“On the supply market, a large number of practitioners blindly follow the trend, their professional skills are weak and there is a severe shortage of talent practices compounds.” says the report in this regard.

Reduction of the budget allocated to the development

In addition to the reduction of the average wage, a further report has also been a decline in investment expenditures and subsidies in the sector of the Blockchain from china, which has experienced a decline of more than 40% last year.
Remember that at the end of the month of October in the year 2019, the country’s president had urged the Chinese to speed up the adoption of technology Blockchain .
The Blockchain is not the dominant sector in the labour market, because according to a recent study, cloud computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence are branches competing that tend to hang over the Blockchain in terms of qualification of employees.
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