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It is a special aspect of bitcoin is that the cryptocurrency locally, it is. This means that no one is in charge of the currency, and everyone can participate in the network.
Bitcoin’s design is not based on marketing or finance, and no logos, symbols or brand names. Still, Bitcoin is more than eleven years later it is one of the strong brands in the world.
The lack of a solid plan, it is actually also love to see some bitcoin so special. The community makes bitcoin what it is today.

The community will choose the icon and the abbreviation:

In February 2010, a person in a bitcoinforum that bitcoin is an official currency symbol and abbreviation is required. In the first instance, it has been suggested that the Thai Baht (฿) is used as the currency symbol, and the BTC is an abbreviation. On the day, keeping stock markets on the last place, although some of the trade fairs, bitcoin as XBT will be traded).

But, the symbols, the users do not agree. After literally years of discussion, it was decided to go with a B with two lines, and to use it as a symbol. In June 2017 and is the lwa was added to the Unicode in the protocol, and allows you to type on your keyboard.

In Ethereum, it is the other way around

How different is it from other cryptomunten. Often, there is already a comprehensive marketing plan is on the table, even before the actual product launch. Even with Ethereum, that is the case: first, was the logo of the software.

Even before the Initial Coin Offering from the Ethereum started out, they were potential members of the Ethereum network is clearly aware of this. In the document it was said that those who have built on the Ethereum network, and must be approved by the Ethereum’. Before the project, the logo of Ethereum, with the text ” Powered by Ethereum on the side.

That is completely contrary to the principles of the decentraliteit that bitoin has. With bitcoin there is no central entity that decides whether or not you are using bitcoin or not. Anyone who wants to can take part in their own way.
For example, the cryptocurrency to mine by writing code for a single bitcoin, or a node is to be run. And that makes a bitcoin decentraler than most of the other cryptomunt.
For more information about the history of the bitcoinlogo can be found here.

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