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The whales crypto drive altcoins on the last day of the weekend

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In the midst of a sharp decline of market prices in general that was led by Bitcoin, which again returned to fall below the five digits momentarily, the whales crypto seemed to direct his actions about many altcoins in the main exchanges cryptographic. However, the slight increase of the domain of the main reference crypto and his recovery of prices in the last few hours, it seems that now begin to tip the scales towards Bitcoin again. It is for this reason that we have seen today, as in the exchanges Binance and BitMex, pairs of altcoins anchored to BTC were subject to significant activity during this Sunday 22nd of September 2019.

Movements of Whales Crypto

In the exchange Binance the pair BTC-SNM, was the subject of an intense buying activity in the last 24 hours, where 73,86 BTC were exchanged in just 6 minutes, recorded activity @ 17:26:16 this Sunday. Movement of a whale crypto by 73,86 BTC How can we appreciate the token SONM (SNM) had an increase of 35.4 per cent in the six minutes that lasted the negotiations, in order to register a cumulative price on the last day of +63,58%, to quote at the close of this post at a price of $0,019729. The other pair of altcoin anchored to the Bitcoin that was the subject of an alert this day, Sunday, was the token XRP to the company Ripple, the averaging 145.89 BTC for sale on the exchange is more important for trading volume, Binance. On this occasion, the pair BTC-XRP had an increase of volume in 14 minutes, representing the 11% of the total volume of the pair listed in Binance in the last 24 hours. Movement of a whale crypto by 145,89 BTC the price of The pair fell from $0,2766 to $0,2741 during the fourteen minutes of the transaction, a -9,03%. In the exchange BitMex, famous for ruling the way of Bitcoin thanks to its products, the pair USD-ETH had an intense trading activity in the last 24 hours in the pouch-derived altcoin more important, with 15.9 million dollars exchanged in just 2 minutes. Movement of 15.9 million dollars by the Exchange BitMEX Thirty cents were the differential applied in this activity of derivatives in the exchange the leader of this type of products, which certainly resulted in a bid increase of 6% of the total volume of the ETH in the last 24 hours, bringing its price to fall until a -3,50%. The three previous reports can certainly be interpreted as a pump and dump, a flash crash, an unusual accumulation, respectively. To finish, Whale-Alert only reported activity and ending the weekend by 14.6 million dollars in Bitcoin, transferred between wallets of unknown origin, using as a bridge-to-exchange Bitfinex. In total there were two transactions for 965 BTC and 493 BTC respectively which occurred on the morning of this Sunday, September 22, 2019. The following two tabs change content below. Engineer and passionate about technology, Blockchain and the Bitcoin since 2009.

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