These are the features that you need to know to choose a wallet of Bitcoin

The team Veriphi, a consulting firm canadian who is very active in the community by BTC, conducted a comprehensive study, which analyzes the characteristics of different wallets of Bitcoin that exist in the market. The analysis is intended to help users to understand more clearly the overview of the tools which represent the first step for the use of cryptocurrencies.In that sense, Veriphi published a document that allows you to easily compare the different functionalities of 26 purses popular Bitcoin. To do this, the analysts used criteria that were considered essential to the community, basing the recommendations on his judgment of safety, anonymity, and sovereignty.The users should be removed from the table, data that is considered valuable, as the features that best fit their needs, as the signature did not consider the crossing of valuable elements, such as, for example, the importance of the ease of use of a wallet when it is required to conduct transactions with frequency, or prevalence of the security when you plan to store sums relatively high BTC.The information can become a useful guide for the users who are in search of the best options for wallets of Bitcoin. In function of this, they show the assessments in a clear manner using an identification system with four colors: green for purses recommended; the moderately recommended, are identified with the color orange. The red is used to indicate an attitude of alert, while the black is used to identify the purses less valuable.Veriphi used a spreadsheet in Google Docs to record the assessment of the 26 purses, which choose 7 that he calls recommended. Image: Veriphi.To observe the box Veriphi carefully, press here.The wallets that received the highest grade of “recommended” of Veriphi were Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Green, Bitcoin Wallet, Samourai and Wasabi. In the meantime, which should be avoided according to Veriphi are Xapo,, Blockchain, Bitpay and Coinbase.In the following table are shown the seven purses recommended, evaluated according to 11 criteria, of the 49 employees in the evaluation.The recommended are all open source and without custody. Only three of them support multiple signatures. Image: Veriphi.The consulting firm also gave a special mention to Wasabi for your privacy, to Green for their mobile access and Electrum for your safety through the following post) Twitter.

The characteristics that define the wallet services unless recommended include storage, non-use of open source code and the lack of support for transactions SegWit.

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