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‘Trade Bitcoin(dot)com to be lower than reported’

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Bitcoin(dot)com (trying to do it at this time. The volume of trade is lower, then you have to go to the consumer.
According to Dan, Hedl from the Crack adds to the cryptobeurs the volume of the Bequant and HitBTC to add to their numbers, in order to achieve a higher total.
The web site makes use of that allows you to order books together. There is nothing wrong with that, but it gets tricky when you make the claim that the volume belongs to you.
You trade decorate your is not a new idea, earlier this year, a study out showing that a large proportion of the daily trading volume on the cryptobeurzen is fake.


The .com web site is pushing, mainly for the bitcoin this Bitcoin to Cash (BCH). Roger Ver is the front man of the BCH, and is also the founder of the web site.
For starters, the website can be misleading, there are, in fact, is done to as BCH, the “real” bitcoin is to. While it is a spin-off of the original network, with a different set of rules.
In addition, a stock exchange brings bitcoin(dot)com is also a mining pool and wallet. In addition, it would be the people at the back of the platform bitcoin futures on offer.
The miningpool for BTC, but it is relatively small. The pool is an additional 1% of the blocks, and the network of bitcoin. As for BCH, sometimes up to 8% of the blocks are being solved by the pool of the bitcoin(dot)com.

Bitcoin Is Cash

It seems with the push of a BCH, as yet, little of it good for the price. In spite of that .com in the domain of bitcoin is in the hands of the people who have their own currency such as bitcoin to see the price of BTC is very good this year. Especially compared to bitcoin and cash.
At the peak of the rate of the BCH in January 2018 and beyond 1 BCH more than 0.24 BTC worth. That is, at the time of this writing, only 0.03 BTC per BCH. It seems that the interest in this, this is not yet (re -) awakened.

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