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Transactions with SegWit reach the new cap of 53% in the network Bitcoin | Breaking News

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The percentage of transactions in the network Bitcoin involving SegWit or Segregated Witness reached a new top historical of 53%. This is the second time since its activation in August of 2017, this figure rises to over 50%, which could be interpreted as an adoption, which is projected to the medium and long term.53% of operations with SegWit (in Spanish witness segregated) was reached during the end of last week, according to data provided by Blockchair and For the first service information, the figure moved in the band of 50% -53% during the Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September. While for the second peak was the day Saturday with a record of 53,29%, then falling to a 45,98%.The increase of the operations related to address SegWit could be linked with the announcements that have been made, among others, the houses of change OKEx and Gemini, that from July and April, respectively, provide support for this type of operations. This translates into a greater number of transactions, on a larger scale, are using this technology.In July of this year it was reported that one of the other potential factors driving the use of SegWit would be related to the reduction of transaction VeriBlock.

SegWit, an improvement to Bitcoin

At this point it is important to explain that SegWit is an update of the network Bitcoin came as an improvement to the limitations of malleability of transactions, and a greater scalability of the platform. Users who use purses with support SegWit can make transactions with low commissions and potentially with faster confirmations.The fork soft was implemented on 24 August 2017. For this month of September 2019 was reached more than 155,000 transactions 326.000 transactions made in Bitcoin for this date, according to data from Woobull.Twice the percentage of operations related to SegWit exceeded 50%. The first occasion was in October of last year when the figure reached a 51,64%. Since then, his lowest point was the 25,40% that was registered in April of 2019. Fluctuations have remained usually, in the last year, between 30% and 40%.From their appearance, SegWit has gained popularity not only in the network Bitcoin, but also on other platforms such as Litecoin or Vertcoin. The possibility of the reduction of the fees and transactions with faster confirmations, could be key elements in the future so that this percentage will rise much more.

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