Trezor launches beta version of their firmware only for bitcoin | Breaking News

The manufacturer of purses cold to cryptocurrencies SatoshiLabs, the company behind the brand Trezor, reported this Monday the 9th of September that is already available the beta version of their firmware only for bitcoin, which creates a new logic program to reconfigure the way in which controls each device that you use the update.With this announcement, SatoshiLabs establishes a new logic program with which reconfigures the control of each device using the update.The personalization of the portfolio, in their models Trezor One and Trezor Model T, will be directed to the main criptomoneda of the market and it is expected that by October it launched its consolidated version.SatoshiLabs noted that the new version of both the firmware of the portfolio, was conceived and designed for all users who support the idea that bitcoin should be the only criptomoneda or, what is the same, to meet the demand of the bitcoiners maximalist.“All maximalist of Bitcoin can now enjoy the interface of the portfolio with nothing more than Bitcoin. All the features of the Trezor One and the Model T are available (…) only for Bitcoin,” said the company, which will continue to provide support for the altconiers with your regular version of firmware.In your account on the platform Reddit, SatoshiLabs answered multiple questions of their users, among them, what is the benefit of using a Trezor only for bitcoin or if you to be a beta version, there is the risk of losing cryptocurrencies after its installation.The manufacturer responded to the first: “you need not restore the seeds” and for the second, “no, it’s just that the portfolio beta contains unique characteristics of Bitcoin as hide the coin selector, etc”. SatoshiLabs also said that users can switch between the firmware traditional and the firmware only for bitcoin the times they wish to do so.Source: blog.trezor.ioAntes you install the program it is recommended to test the words seeds of recovery. The company added that after installing the firmware exclusive bitcoin all the other cryptocurrencies will disappear from the interface of the wallet, but the private keys of the altcoins will remain protected inside the Trezor. So that, as explained, the firmware can be swapped in the device as many times as necessary.A firmware in the computer world is nothing more than a program with basic instructions that allows the handling of a particular device. This program may be stored in the ROM memory, or another type, inside the electronic device.

Installation process

For the installation of the firmware of bitcoin, SatoshiLabs explains that there are two methods for its operation: using the wallet Trezor or through the command trezorctl (for advanced users), a tool written in Python language that can be used with the device.In the first case, you have to connect the wallet to the computer and visit the web site for the download of the beta version of the firmware. In case of using the Model T-you should check that the firmware is up to date, superior to the version 2.1.0.Second, you must write “custom_firmware” after the device id in the web address (URL), download the file and then select “choose file” for the upload process. At this point the portfolio will be prompted to start the update process.For the second scenario is to download the file corresponding to the model of the portfolio, places the device in “bootloader” and confirm the connection in the wallet. Start “Terminal” and go to the folder with the firmware file.If you use a Model T just update hitting “Trezorctl firmware-update-f trezor-2.1.5-bitcoinonly.bin”, if you have a Trezor One then paste “Trezorctl firmware-update-f trezor-1.8.3-bitcoinonly.bin” in Terminal and press enter.The announcement of SatoshiLabs comes only days that were given to know that we enabled a new security system to retrieve the private keys.