TRON (TRX): Tron Dogs Upgrade and Super Election – Hot News

TRON (TRX): Tron Dogs Upgrade and Super Election – Hot News

VANCOUVER, Canada – It is still going smoothly for TRON (TRX) these days. A lot of people are anticipating the launch of its primary network. It is bound to happen on the 31st of May; the hype is undeniable. Even with the start of just its test net, its price went 50% few days after having its coin listed on UPbit and Bithumb exchanges.

The launch of its main net is set to be on May 31, but a more realistic expectation of this is on June 21. By then, TRON (TRX) will say goodbye to its previous identity as ERC20 token and will say hello to its very own blockchain and its TRX token.

Due to its impressive progress, the founder of the platform, Justin Sun, has announced that it will have a Super Representative Election. This election allows 27 people to be the voice of the Tron community supporters. Moreover, the elected individuals will be managing validation and calculation for the network. However, Sun did not announce yet how this election will be conducted.

Along with the launch of its main net, the crypto platform will be transitioning from its Exodus phase to its Odyssey phase. According to Sun, they are way ahead of schedule regarding their projects which means that the Tron Foundation along with the Tron community can work hand in hand early to establish and manage the Tron network.

Another thing going on for this crypto platform is the Tron Dogs. Although it is still in its beta stage, changes are continuously made daily to ensure quality. tweeted 2 days ago about their buying limits of the Epic Tron Dogs. Furthermore, the team working on this project makes sure it listens to the feedback of players, thus setting the buying limits to 10 so that active players can maximize their efforts. Also, this prevents bots from bugging the game.

Legend Dogs buying limit is still set at 5. Despite many developments of the game especially after controversies about breeding charges, the platform is still dealing with bots. Hopefully, this will also be resolved as TRON (TRX) continues to soar day by day.

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