VeChain contributes to the trade of France and China, and it is on Binance a US rate rise – Breaking News

Today, there are two very positive developments for the Vechain as well. The day kicked off this morning with an announcement of the Binance and that U.s. customers will be able to act in the body as FAT.
This turned out to be just the beginning, because in the afternoon it was announced that the blockchainoplossing of VeChain have a crucial role to play in a deal between China and France.

VeChain in America

Normally, this is good news for VeChain-run, but for now, it seems like a footnote to it. For a couple of months to be able to Americans due to regulations, no longer be able to use for the exchange of Binance. Therefore, there is a special American branch, opened the show. Slowly starting to be more and more new coins to be added to it. I VeChain added to it.

VeChain in China and in France

Two weeks ago, Chinese president Xi had a very positive regarding the use of the blockchain. This created a positive vibe in the cryptomarkten. The price of bitcoin has increased, at a given time, with more than 35% in a couple of hours.
But now, president Xi is leading by example in the mouth. VeChain provides a public blockchain solution, along with the ASI group and DNV-GL. The idea is that France and China have a trade agreement in order to ensure that France food and beverages to China, they are allowed to be exported. The blockchain of VeChain causes of the French food and drinks, in a transparent and traceable, as well as the B2B market is heading.

Is already in use

The announcement was made at a press conference held during the China International Import Expo 2019 (CIIE). The French president, Macron, as well as president Xi Jinping had earlier this week, both have to be present at the CIIE. There’s even a small demo will be held. President Xi was given a piece of meat, thrown on Offer and Promotion.
The meat was imported by means of the blockchain solution, among other things VeChain.
According to France 24, China is currently the 7th largest trading partner of the country. By 2018, imported China, to 24.5 billion in French goods. In the course of the VeChain at the time of this writing, the last 24 hours by more than 10%.
For more information on the deal between the two countries, and China, and the role of the VeChain you’ll find in this post is of VeChain.

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