Verge (XVG): Is It the Next Big Crypto Coin?

Verge (XVG): Is It the Next Big Crypto Coin?

NEW YORK CITY, New York – With the recent boom of Verge (XVG) in the market, many are starting to wonder what exactly it is that the platform is doing right. The coin skyrocketed by 66 percent on Tuesday, making it the highest of the top 50 traded virtual currencies.

A Verge (XVG) developer nicknamed Sunerok publicly announced on a YouTube video that the coin has recently come to an agreement with a major partner. Verge is tight-lipped about the exact identity of the partner, though some suspect it to be Amazon or GoDaddy, but Sunerok did go on and talked about the partner and how they donated “millions” of dollars.

The mystery partner will not remain unidentified, however, as Verge is planning on revealing the name of the partner publicly on April 17. The announcement will apparently come with a global marketing campaign which the world has never seen before. So the cryptocurrency world is definitely preparing for big things to come this April.

Needless to say, with the mystery surrounding Verge and the timely rise on the market, Verge is making a splash on the news. With the promise of good “changes” to come in the crypto world, everyone waits with curious eyes.

Verge has definitely come a long way since last year when the coin wasn’t worth any more than a grain of salt. The platform clawed its way up with the reputation of a privacy-oriented currency improving upon the original sentiment of Bitcoin. Verge was originally named DogecoinDark when it launched in 2014 but has since been relabeled in 2016.

What is curious about Verge is how the company isn’t exactly a property of anyone. The crypto community handles its development and marketing.

With plenty of naysayers claiming that Verge (XVG) coin’s recent publicity is all “hype” and the increase in security attacks by hackers on their system that come with said publicity, the platform clearly has a lot on its plate. Verge’s success depends on the major announcement this April, and coders will need to do their best to defend against hackers in the meantime.

When the time comes, is Verge’s skyrocketing merely a result of investors not wanting to miss out on the next big thing? Or is the company really on to something colossally market-changing?

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