Verge (XVG) – Mystery Partnership To Be Revealed On April 17

Verge (XVG) - Mystery Partnership To Be Revealed On April 17

SACRAMENTO, CA – As the day of the big reveal on who the mystery partner of Verge (XVG) is, we look back at how successful their campaign has been so far. Last month, Verge sent out a tweet calling out to all XVG backers in their campaign to make 75 million in XVG.

Verge supporters heeded the call and more than made up for the goal in way under the expected time. With the crowdsourcing campaign a success, there is not much to do now but to wait for the mysterious partnership reveal come April 17.

The optimism and confidence in Verge (XVG) is readily apparent as multiple investors still opt to support XVG with more funding even after the necessary goal of 75 million dollars was already met. Investors are expecting great things, and some also wonder if they have inside information about this matter.

As per the agreement, Verge would only be able to finalize the partnership if they met the minimum goal set out. With the goal already exceeded, Verge has officially announced the exact date for when the big reveal will occur. Users, investors, and others are already circling the date of April 17 with the reveal of the partnership sure to make headlines in the crypto market news.

The flair that came with having a mystery partner behind the curtains for Verge (XVG) is an undeniably positive aura for them as their numbers kept pushing up with the help of the said partner. Aside from that, eager supporters were revitalized in their backing and new investors came pouring in.

Who Is This Mysterious Partner?

While the days count down to the expected date of the reveal, people have started guessing as to who exactly this mystery partner is. Other sources said that its Amazon, while a few others claim it to be GoDaddy. The latest scoop, however, has a majority of people determining that its actually TokenPay that is behind the mysterious curtain.

However, this prediction has since been debunked in a recent tweet by Derek Capo, the CEO of TokenPay.

With all the smoke and crackles going up in the air with the countdown of the reveal, the bottom line still has Verge (XVG) trading in the green despite other currencies plummeting during the major market crash.

XVG is now trading at an increase of 2.72 percent against the dollar but is down -2.43 percent against Bitcoin.

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