Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Strong Market Sentiment – April 18

Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Strong Market Sentiment – April 18

COVENT GARDEN, London – Verge (XVG) price analysis suggests that despite the halting of the bullish momentum in the market, Verge remains to be skyrocketing. Altcoins in the market are seeing red more so than green, and we can see Bitcoin being an example of that, losing almost 2% but hovering just above the $8000 level.

In contrast to Bitcoin, Verge (XVG) price analysis done by Coinmarketcap shows XVG trading over 18 percent more throughout the day. The crypto currency went from $0.084 yesterday to $0.10 today, and over the span of 7 days, Verge has shown gains of up to 20 percent. Increasing that time span to view the monthly chart, Verge finds itself jumping over 200 percent from the $0.032 price it was churning out this time last month. Pitting Bitcoin against the surging Verge, XVG rose to over 20 percent from 1067 satoshis to 1287.

Verge is set to release an official press statement at 10 am EST, wherein they will be divulging the mystery partner they’ve been keeping close to the vest during the past month. The partner behind the curtain has been responsible in part of Verge’s success, and people are eager to find out whom this might be.

Due to TokenPay being the majority investor to Verge’s fundraising move in securing the partnership, many suspected them to be the mystery partner. TokenPay CEO and founder, Derek Capo, however was quick to shut down the speculations in a Tweet. The partnership will then remain a mystery until the Verge press conference divulges such information.

Verge, TRON, and Cardano are the current major players in the harsh and competitive crypto market, but Verge is definitely ahead of the pack. Verge (XVG) price analysis reveals that they have risen to the top 25, where they sit at the 18th spot showing a market cap of 1.5 billion USD. Binance carries the majority of the XVG trade in the past few days with around 47 percent, while the South Korea-based Upbit has 30 percent. As a result of the trade volume growth, XVG now stands at around 360 million USD from the 110 million USD base before the surge.

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