Warren Buffett denies that hodl Bitcoin

We all remember the legendary lunch of Justin Sun; the founder of the altcoin Tron (TRX), which he had with the famous investor Warren Buffett in the past month of January. But apparently the lunch to raise funds for the charity, for the neediest people in San Francisco 🇺🇸, not changed to anything the negative opinions you have. Warren Buffett on the cryptocurrencies; in particular about Bitcoin (BTC).

Warren Buffett will not be a Hodler

Warren Buffett the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; it is considered to be a financial Guru, and, since the year 1951 has managed to amass a personal fortune of more than $ 89,5 billion. He was also one of the first to give the recommendation to get rid of Subprime the global economic crisis of 2008. In an interview with the important medium of news traditional CNBC, Warren Buffett has struck again, and with all their strength to the crypto ecosystem; especially the first and most important crypto of all, Bitcoin (BTC). The cryptocurrencies do not produce anything. The only thing that may make you within 20 years, is looking for his little “Book of Accounting Decentralized” and say “I have so much amount of this X-crypto”. This is not playing, is not delivered, can’t send a check by mail. Literally can’t do anything, said Warren Buffett. By proving the statements of this “Guru” financial of yesteryear. Lunch with the leader of Tron has not changed one iota the views of Warren. But, really it was expected.

You can’t hide the sun with a finger

In the midday Sun gave Buffett a couple of smart phones Samsung Galaxy Fold, and sent 1 BTC, 1.9 million of TRX and other altcoins that included the token MTB BitTorrent and tokens TRC-20 USDT. You can see the transaction on the following link.

I don’t have any Bitcoin. I have no criptomoneda and I never will. Warren Buffett.

This really should not surprise anyone inside the crypto ecosystem. Well, there is that knowing a little bit about the character. Warren Buffett always uses the same shoes, and the same combination of clothes. Your lunch break is a Coca Cola with a burger from McDonalds. And this, even being one of the most millionaires in the world, hand-wash your underwear for not to spend in the laundry. All with the intention of not waste time choosing who is going to put you, or that you are going to eat. But, the attacks, Buffett does not end here. For the investor, Bitcoin can only be sold to another party by fiat money. “Then the other person is you will have the problem”. The millionaire investor closed the segment of the interview dedicated to the cryptocurrencies stating that “The only contribution that has had Bitcoin (BTC), it is a demand increasingly small briefcases of office. Because Bitcoin makes it much easier to move money illegally.” As a response to the new attacks of Warren Buffett, the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao has tried to put out the fires in the social networks with the following thread on Twitter.

In it, he makes reference to that you just can’t try to force people to be so closed to see the wonders of something as new as the critpo ecosystem. And also “your grandmother never used the us dollar”, stating that older people are not always willing to take a step toward the future. It is not always so, but in the case of Warren Buffett, you just have to stop wasting energy and money to convince you. The following two tabs change content below. Economics student at UCV. Advocate of individual freedoms and of course also of the market and the cryptocurrencies.

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