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We tell you all about the future contracts of Bitcoin on Binance – Breaking News

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Normally, when we speak of financial markets, the first thing that people think is in the bag of values, and the operations of purchase-sale of shares in the same. However, the possession of shares is only part of the wider world representing the international finance.

What are Future Contracts?

Within this world, the derivatives market is one of the most interesting options for the investment of capital, and the future contracts the financial product most important. The futures contracts consist of financial instruments which oblige the parties to buy or sell a number of securities at a certain date and at an agreed price in advance. This allows the traders to bet on the increase or decrease in the price of an asset. So, if a trader believes that the price of an asset is going to increase soon, you can purchase a futures contract with a fixed price lower than that considered to reach the active. In this way, when you reach the maturity date of the contract, and have been successful in your prediction, it could, theoretically, acquire the asset at a lower price than you possess at the moment on the market. However, in the trade of future contracts real, it is normal that the two users on both sides of the contract will never believed to actually possess the asset whose value is based on the same, so this serves as more of a bet on whether the price of the asset will increase or decrease. Therefore, it is understood that the fact that one of the exchanges of cryptocurrencies more important in the world, as Binance, begin to offer future contracts on Bitcoins, it is one of the most important events of this year in the crypto market. Therefore, from CriptoTendencia we bring you all the information you need to start to perform operations on Binance Futures:

Technical data

In the first place, it should be clarified that the futures contracts Binance will be offered with the pair BTC/USDT as the basis of the same. Therefore, according to the vision of Binance, their future contracts would be a complementary product to the pairs BTC/USDT, which is already the most popular in your platform. Summary of the contract for the future of Bitcoin in Binance therefore, the value of the guarantee to open positions in future contracts, as well as the settlement of the same, shall be assessed in USDT, differentiating itself from other similar products whose operations are conducted directly using BTC. Also, the contracts of Binance will be perpetual, contrary to what occurs in platforms such as BitMex, where the future contracts have a specific due date. In Binance, therefore, you can maintain your positions in the future time that you feel necessary. In terms of the leverage of the platform, Binance maintains a margin conservative, offering up to 20x with respect to the funds of the trader. This would be inferior to that offered by other platforms like BitFinex and BitMex that come to offer a leverage of up to 100x, so you can assume it is a measure of Binance to protect its users from exposure to the risk too great.

User interface

Finally, and understood these technical details, we can talk about the user interface of Binance Futures, which tries to be as friendly as possible for users who are just beginning to become familiar with transactions involving futures contracts. Interface Binance for trading futures contracts in Bitcoin When you log in to the platform Binance Futures, you will find at the top a headband with relevant information about the market, including the current value of the pair BTC/USDT, the variation in price in the last 24 hours, and the volume of transactions. While the center of the page is taken by the traditional price chart, and the history of past transactions. In order to deposit funds on your account you simply have to press the “transfer” button in the section of the lower right corner, being able to transfer funds in the USDT directly from your account Binance to the platform of Binance Futures. And in this same section you can place your orders for the purchase and sale of futures contracts on Bitcoins of Binance, as well as your Stop Loss. Once you have made your purchase, the details of the same will appear on the left of the screen, where you can see the information of all your open positions. You’ll be able to open and close positions in Binance quickly and easily


In short, the new platform for the realization of operations with future contracts Binance, complies with what promises, very much in line with the quality that we expect from the exchange in all of their products. Despite being only available in English and mandarin, the page is very intuitive, so that in just a few minutes you can start to perform operations with future thanks to Binance, counting with an interface that is powerful, and the institutional support that provides this company. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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