What can you buy with Bitcoin this Black Friday?

This Friday, the world will live as one of the main events of the trade, the so-called “Black Friday”. The same place the next day after thanksgiving, and kicks off the holiday shopping season. Being the principal feast of consumerism all over the world. But, What can be the role of the Bitcoin in this day of consumerism exacerbated? Here in CriptoTendencia you what we have.

What is black Friday?

Before anything else, we must understand that is the Black Friday. Black Friday is the name extra official that has been ascribed to the first day after thanksgiving in the united States. During which the large chain stores, carry out huge discounts on their merchandise. What drives a frenzy of consumption as at no other time of the year. This tradition was born in the year 1952, although it did not become popular until the year 2005. When Friday became, for the first time, in the shopping day of busiest in the united States. Expanding since then to other countries, which have adopted the tradition as a way to encourage consumption at these dates. In this way, the stores empty out stock of old merchandise before the start of the wave of purchases due to christmas time. A custom that has begun to permeate in the digital world. Where big companies such as Amazon are also providing discounts on their goods during Black Friday. Empalmandolo with a new event known as “Cyber Monday”, with price reductions in digital stores.

Black Friday and Bitcoin

Of course, during this celebration, the crypto world can not stay behind. Especially when the main ambition of the Bitcoin is to become a replacement for fiat money. So you must have the ability to purchase goods and services with it. So, it is important to take advantage of opportunities such as those offered by applications such as Flexa and Fold. Which allow the use of cryptocurrencies in the purchase of goods in physical stores in traditional. Giving us the opportunity to purchase products at GameStop, Barnes & Noble, and Office Depot, taking advantage of their deals of black Friday. In addition, if you choose to use fiat money to make your purchases, also you can take advantage of the Black Friday. Therefore, applications such as a Fold offer rewards in Bitcoin for those users who use the app to make your purchases with currency traditional. So, you can buy your products with discounts on Amazon, at the same time that you get small amounts of BTC. And finally, also in the world of trading we present interesting opportunities this Black Friday. So, we have platforms such as PrimeBit, created for the realization of exchanges of futures contracts of cryptocurrencies, with a leverage of up to 200x. Which has its own supply of black Friday. So, all the commissions charged by PrimeBit for the conduct of operations within this market, will be reduced by this Friday up to 40%. So, the profits you earn from your activity within this broker, they remain in your pocket, being a perfect time to increase the margins from your operations. Therefore, although the traditional options for the use of Bitcoin during Black Friday, as Bitcoin Black Friday have been closed. There is still a wide variety of options in the market to take advantage of your Bitcoin, and join the feast of black Friday. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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