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What does it cost today to build a Bitcoin Mining Rig?

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Mining Pool has created an updated analysis of the current costs for the construction of a profitable Bitcoin-Mining-Rigs. The information will provide a unique insight into the complexity of the ever-changing Mining landscape.

The determination of the costs is complex

In the article, the Mining Pool notes that there are a variety of individual variables that determine the profitability of the Mining. Poolin has created an estimate for the mining profit, the breakdown of these factors. So you can better understand which system has the best value.

It is important to note that the cost of electricity from place to place very different and the most important factor for the long-term mining costs. Therefore, power more hungry plants, which produce a higher Hash-Rate may be better for areas with cheaper electricity – with higher costs you would be suitable, however, less.
Critical to all the mining enterprises of the “Break-Even”factor, the mining calculator is trying to determine. This is the value of the crypto-currency, needs to be produced, so the cost of the investment can be paid.
An example: The construction and operation of a Bitcoin mining platform costs 1.767 USD and generated a gain of 4.56 USD per day at current prices. You would have to run for 387 days, in order to be profitable. In this figure, the current costs taken into account.
Add to that the fact that the plants will also consume after Reaching the break-even electricity. So you will stay only as long as profitable, as you produce enough crypto to cover these costs.
Poolin price refers to this as the “cut-Off”. To determine when a system has this threshold is exceeded, it may be very difficult.

Bitcoin Mining can still yield a profit

Often, the speech, the take over the mining area was of large Pools, particularly with regard to Bitcoin. Especially the fact that these companies are the most advanced Mining equipment are often months before the consumers is emphasized.
Critics accuse Bitmain, for example, for a long time, to use its modern equipment exclusively for the private mining companies and only sell the older equipment on the open market.
Therefore, a successful Bitcoin and crypto requires Mining a very accurate eye for Detail. The highest priority must lie on the efficiency, because each Variable will play a role in the final result.
This includes the equipment cost, the cost of electricity and the choice of the platform, which will be mined include. With the right planning, and access to the best information, however, profitability can be achieved.

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