What Is Bitcoin Dust and How to Get It Off Your Back: Learn More

What Is Bitcoin Dust and How to Get It Off Your Back: Learn More

NEW YORK CITY, New York – Some investors are bothered. Others find themselves annoyed by Bitcoin dust and struggle on how to get rid of it. Although it did not pose as an inconvenience before, it then became a source of frustration for users when the transaction fees got higher. They said that getting rid of these specks of dust is more expensive than what they are worth.

Luckily, the transaction fees these past few days have been down again. The investors are seeing it as a perfect time to get rid of their tiny coin pieces or “Bitcoin dust.” However, some users may still find these frustrating especially when it refers to this whole thing of removing the dust.

If a user has one address where all the dusts are located, then he or she can compile the whole thing up in just one transaction. But, if a user has multiple addresses where there are dusts, privacy may be compromised.

In the crypto world, privacy is best kept by not reusing Bitcoin addresses. But consolidating all these dusts might tell that these came from the same user, especially if such user has undergone the know-your-customer (KYC) procedure.

This is why Greg Slepak, who is a developer of decentralized applications, recommended the use of Monero, a cryptocurrency platform that does not have this privacy issue. He further added that users should get rid of these dusts for them not to lose or have depleting funds.

Cryptocurrency wallets like Electrum and Blockchain are helpful in getting rid of the dust. A user collects all the dust and sends them as one transaction. Plus, less data is consumed which is a bonus. Not only that, they are also suitable for mobile use. This is good especially for people who are always on the go.

Even though things are going smooth today, tomorrow is always unpredictable. Despite arguing that dust is starting to decrease in number, software engineer of Blockchain, Antoine Le Calvez, sees into the possibility of fees gaining massive hikes again in the future. It is a good day to tidy up wallets now. Get rid of Bitcoin dust, but he said that the next challenge lies on the next hike.

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