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The bitcoin exchange rate is to have dropped a little, but in the long term, many analysts are optimistic about this. Willy Woo is expected that bitcoin is ‘just’ a minimum of $ 100,000 in value in the next cycle. In fact, But mention of 135,000 dollars as a logical and expected. That told me Willy, But yesterday, in an interview with Max Keiser, has to be seen from about 12:30.

An analyst, But the outlook is sunny in the

Willy Woo has high expectations: “If I were a gambling can do so, but I think bitcoin is more than $ 100,000 in value. I believe that 135,000 people a dollar and a logical expectation based on previous cycles.’
But, taking into account the margins: “I’m looking for a price of between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000, depending on the length of the bull market.’
Even though the bitcoin price is on the decline, the stock price is above the 200-day Moving Average. That is, the moving average of the past couple of days. And, according to Willy, But that’s a good sign. The significance of this mean, you can read our latest bitcoin koersanalyse.

The data from the blockchain and combine it with technical analysis

Willy Woo is on Twitter and is known for its variety of koersanalyses. Tend to compare them with the data from the bitcoin blockchain, with the current rate of exchange. And from there he moves on then to the interesting conclusions. One of the indicators of, for example, the NA Signal, which it compares to Willy, But the value of bitcoin transactions as a ratio to the price.
A different indicator from the But is the difficulty the ribbon, no matter where we ever have been written. The difficulty that year, looks at the degree of difficulty of obtaining bitcoins is to mine. According to Woo, gives it the data quite accurate if the bitcoin price bottom has been reached, and if so it’s time for bitcoin to buy one.
What do you think of the predictions from the Willy Woo? Do you think that a bitcoin 135,000 to the dollar you can get, or do you have some other expectation?

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