1 Dollar is already enough of the day to become a millionaire?

For those who are still new in the crypto world, there are countless questions in connection with the subject buy Bitcoin. The issues range from questions of whether you can buy less than 1 BTC on the perfect time to statements such as ‘Bitcoin is not too expensive?’ – A very pragmatic answer to all these questions, the American Journalist, businessman, and Bitcoin Advocate Max Keiser now.

Buy Bitcoin: $ 1 a day is already sufficient?

More and more people devote themselves to the topic of Bitcoin. The exciting aspect of this is that both the “Otto-normal consumers” to billionaires in BTC. The consensus is increasing that buy Bitcoin is a useful complement to the existing Portfolio and a good Hedge against a potential devaluation of Money.More and more people understand the concept behind Bitcoin and, in particular, the relevance of the programme code laid down shortage of supply. However, it should not go now.The occasion for the article in the American Journalist and Bitcoin Advocate Max Keiser gave us. He, himself, is already available since many years, true of BTC, and compared the number 1 crypto currency already, with the potential of Amazon and Apple in the 2000s.4 reasons why Bitcoin must have in each Portfolio are: Free from any ideology or emotions we show you in this article, 4 reasons why Bitcoin must in every Portfolio. Correlation, return-to-risk ratio, scarcity and Adoption are the four major keywords. We let the facts speak! Of the 4 reasons.

“Poor people” to buy BTC Max Keiser

In a Tweet from the 12.05.2020 Keiser said now that ‘poor people’ should buy Bitcoin. He referred especially to the helicopter money in the amount of 1000 USD which would put the Trump-Administration of the population now available.

In doing so, he assumes that the purchase of BTC can change the financial Situation of many people when he shoots in the height. Furthermore, Keiser pointed out on the opportunity to save Bitcoin regularly with small amounts.However, he said that ‘poor people’ benefit, if you were to invest$ 1 per day in Bitcoin. You would have followed his advice since 2011, Keiser, would be it is now already a millionaire.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author as a Fan of Bitcoin

Also the author of the worldwide bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki said that you should buy Bitcoin in shares. We, the Team of crypto Monday, have also written an article on Dollar-Cost-Averaging strategy in which we focus on the benefits of regular bitcoin purchase.It is established that the regular and Save a number of substantial advantages with itself:In the case of a savings plan, a high level of liquidity at the beginning is not necessary. In other words: even with little money, progress can be made.Regular long-term strategy that allows the Investor to ‘sleep better’ in the sense that this followed an automated strategy and not on a regular basis its Portfolio, it must consider to Buy.Anyone who regularly buys, the price gets a good average, and reduces the risk that arises from a one-time purchase.While investors should be careful not to buy one or more times monthly Bitcoin. Of a daily purchase in the amount of 1 US Dollar is due to the network – and transaction-recommended fees. However, anyone who puts a day for 1 Dollar, and monthly 30$ in Bitcoin invested, you can already create a good Foundation for the future.Have you already thought about such a Form of investment made? – What do you think of a savings plan that regularly buys Bitcoin?(Image source: Shutterstock)The versions in this article, no trade recommendations or investment advice.

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