10% of the actors of the Pornhub website shall require payments in crypto-currencies

March 17, 2020 by Clementine

The crypto-currency, is thriving on Pornhub . In fact, more than 10% of the actors of the platform, and have adhered to this mode of payment.

The popularity of crypto-currencies

The actors of adult content seem to be fond of crypto-currencies. According to one of the leaders of the platform, approximately 10% of the actors in porn choose to be paid in crypto-currencies. To justify this enthusiasm for crypto-assets, a spokesman for the company has advanced:

“We have found that the speed and low cost of transactions, combined with the benefits of anonymity, render this mode of payment is particularly attractive to professionals in relation to tender-traditional “.

Paradoxically, less than 1% of the transactions are performed in crypto-currencies on Pornhub. This discrepancy would be explained by the fact that only 1% of the users of the platform to settle their subscription in crypto-currencies. However, the user payments represent an overwhelming majority of trades made on the platform.

Pornhub introduces new crypto-currencies

Pornhub explores the payment in crypto-currencies since April, 2018, the date on which he introduces for the first time the token Penis on its platform. Then, in 2019, the giant of the adult industry has taken successively in charge of the Horizen and Tron (TRX) to diversify the payment methods on its platform.
More recently, last week, the platform began to accept tokens PumaPay (LDCS) in order to diversify the methods of payment available to consumers of adult content.
In general, Pornhub seems confident on the adoption of long-term crypto-currencies by industry for adult.

“We expect a widespread adoption of the crypto and the Blockchain on our site in the near future,” said a spokesperson of the company to TheNextWeb.

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