10 reasons why bitcoin is halving by 2020 is different than in the previous two Breaking News

Nobel laureate and economist, Professor Milton Friedman once said, ” I don’t think that the internet is one of the most important forces that will be on the role of the government is to be reduced. The only thing that is missing, but that will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash.’ Would bitcoin be? A lot will depend on the impact of the bitcoin halving next week. Even more so than in the previous two halvings.

Past guarantees?

After the bitcoin halving, the reward for miners will be halved from 12.5 to, and 6.25 bitcoin. The expectation of a lot of crypto-analysts, is that this is the price a boost., as with the previous halving.

The first halving in 2012, the Price has increased from 11 to over $ 1,000.
A second halving of 2016: the Price went from 700 to 20,000.

The big differences are

Or is the bitcoin exchange rate this time around is just as hard to rise in the last times, it remains to be seen. The circumstances are now very different. Here are the main differences:

We are in for a major recession. One is that, according to some analysts, is similar to that of the 30’s. Among other things, the World trade Organization, warns you to do this.
The shares may be a hard collapse, as on the 12th of march. Then bitcoin also, to get carried away.
A second global wave of coronavirusuitbraken.
The central banks will continue to be the amount of new money into the economy to inflate. That’s what happens in almost every country.
Deflation of the various fiatvaluta can be hyper as well. Iran is fighting, there are now four zeros from their currency, to pick it up. The currencies of many Asian countries have the same dollar value as that in 1998, during the Asian financial crisis.
Monetary, and political instability. The currency in russia lost 60% of its value, the citizens took to the streets and threw molotov cocktails at the banks.
Digital money such as a pen, yuan, or digital euro. Also, this is the currency of Facebook, the Libra, a lot of problems.
The Libra has taken care of that the politicians are more rigorous preparation for cryptocurrency. Our own, Wopke Hoekstra, and forcing a small bitcoinbedrijven to connect with lots and lots of a lot of money to them. And all over the world, directors are waking up to the potential of cryptocurrency.
The devaluation of the us dollar. There is no question, the dollar is stronger now than ever before. However, if the dollar is hard to fall in value, what is the future of the dollar as world reserve currency, then it still worth it? Everything begins and ends with trust.

Nikolay Shkilev, the chief executive officer of the Zelwin, with confidence, ” They do not believe that the issuance of the new money to add value. This is contrary to all economic laws and regulations. In fact, it would be the printing of money cannot be equated with the printing of the new candy wrappers. Therefore, it is inevitable that people will look for alternative sources of funding, such as a computer.’

Difference in the number 10

An excellent tenth, a difference is Bitcoin, it is ready to go. A lot of bitcoinbedrijven have learned from the bullrun after the last halving, the processes have been tightened up, and now it’s even easier to get quickly to take advantage of a rising stock price. A good example of this is in the app GAME. Within a couple of seconds, to buy or to sell your cryptocurrency instantly, with paypal.
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