25% Commission! Coinbase under fire because of absurd high-Staking fees for Tezos

Coinbase requires 25 percent for the Punting of Tezos (XTZ) on its platform, which many users are outraged and call for an explanation has to be.
Staking is currencies in the world of crypto becoming more and more popular, and many Exchange would like to benefit properly from it.
Although Coinbase is one of the largest and most trusted exchanges in the entire industry, it requires still a whopping 25% Commission for the Tezos (XTZ)-Staking. The Staking was introduced by Coinbase in November of last year, officially.
According to the price and fee disclosure of the stock exchange “is Coinbase to pay this reward receipt in the case of Coinbase, minus a 25% Commission to you”.

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Coinbase has been criticised in the past because of the high fees. The stock exchange uses the Staking Trend, but requires a much too high a price for their services.
As a User writes, at least, is the user interface for the Staking-services of the stock exchange “hypnotic” – despite the exorbitant Commission rate.
In reply to @crypto Charles some Express their confusion about why Coinbase requires ever so much. It not only harms your business, it is exaggerated in comparison to other stock exchanges completely.
You can also say that Coinbase is bad and you would be in urgent need of every Cent the Exchange is the market leader for Bitcoin (BTC). Coinbase maintains more than 966.230 BTC in his Cold Wallets.
Obviously, the stock market has numerous clients and does not have to deter XTZ-holders with a 25 per cent Staking Commission.
Coinbase has not yet responded to the criticism.
Coinbase is well known for many years in the crypto industry, but it also attracts again and again the anger of some of the Trader on the. So your Crypto Ratings Council has given the GRM Token of the app the green light.
And, although the legal Status of the US was challenged securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Nevertheless, Coinbase has continued its Expansion and appears to be financially sound, what makes the Commission rate of 25 percent, which is particularly incomprehensible.

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