3 news of the Bitcoin highlights of the last 24 hours

Stay up to date with the news of Bitcoin can be complicated by the massive amount of information that exists. For this reason we have decided to continue with our series of featured news. In this occasion we will focus on the exposed the last 24 hours.

Better contracts smart for Bitcoin thanks to Nexus

This news is the return of one of the first startup that decided to bet on Bitcoin. Even was the first to undertake to renew Bitcoin to adapt to the needs of the users. We refer to Nexus, the company that is part of the pioneers of programmers who adapted the string to include contracts smart. In this occasion we presented her new proposal, being a new release of the protocol to help platforms that are based on BTC.

Winner of lottery passes his award to Bitcoin

Continuing with the people who have bet on Bitcoin, we can go back to the present. On this occasion, we present to a user of the media platform, Reddit, and its history. 6 months ago he won the local lottery of the state of the united States, Illinois, accumulating a grand total of $ 500,000. However, it is not made famous by winning this award, but for the fact that he decided to invest half in Bitcoin. In the news we present the changes of the criptomercado between that date, 6 months ago, and today. Highlighting that it has obtained a significant profit for its decision.

2-Year MA Multiplier; a tool for investors in Bitcoin

Finally, we have a method of betting for Bitcoin in the long term, similar to the previous article. However, this news is aimed for the professionals that are dedicated to trading. MA Multiplier is a new indicator that facilitates the understanding of the moment on the market. In this way traders can better analyze the situation and decide whether to buy or sell Bitcoin. In the article we explain how it works this indicator, highlighting what are its implications and advantages. Even if you are not engaged in the trading, we invite you to read about, and perhaps inspire you to begin this life of numbers.


It can be observed that the three news Bitcoin have an element in common, consist of bet on the criptomoneda. Whether in its origins, in the present or for the future. We invite you to join us for a new day of the cryptocurrencies, continuing with the bet by this volatile market. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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