3 things need to happen

The Golden valuation of $ 1 trillion for the accolade. Global players like Apple or Microsoft play in this League. What would actually need to happen in order for Bitcoin to ascend in this League and the market exceeds capitalization of $ 1 trillion. Thus, the Bitcoin price would be at least in the case of stately 55.500 USD. A course that would welcome us as investors.
A perspective that it is worth to take. So let’s take a look at 3 things, the BTC from today’s perspective, were around 600 % rise, and thus over the Golden mark of $ 1 trillion catapult.

Bitcoin market capitalization of $ 1 trillion

As the Basis of our article, we Invest a currently published report of the Research company ARK. These have taken in your current Paper, three assumptions, which would cause the Bitcoin market capitalization reached the mark of 1 trillion USD.
We take a look at the three criteria, which would make the market capitalization of Bitcoins to a thirteen-digit number:

1. Bitcoin as a new Form of money

The first assumption relates to the Adoption and use of Bitcoin. The keyword in this context, means a Medium of Exchange. Bitcoin could establish itself as a global reserve currency and a certain share in the global currency market. So ARK Invest writes that the money supply M2 – exclusive of the four largest economies in the – 40-trillion-Dollar amounts. Under the assumption that BTC grabs 5% market share ‘of this cake’, would be the Bitcoin market capitalization is already more than the 1 trillion Dollar mark.

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2. Bitcoin as a digital Store of Value

The second assumption is almost a ‘classic’. With the expectation that Bitcoin takes over as a digital Gold, a certain share of the market of Gold, is formed the second basis for the $ 1 trillion market capitalization. The analysts Invest writing in and around ARK, that is currently in circulation in the Gold to about 9 trillion to quantify. Under the assumption that BTC would take 15 percent of that share, would be Bitcoin is at around 1.35 trillion.

3. BTC not worth seizing, offshore Asset

The third reason is the property of the Non-Pfändbarkeit is dedicated to. The assumption behind the third statement is simple and goes in the direction of the Store of Value role: BTC can not be easily seized. Therefore, the digital Gold is optimal to save a portion of their own assets, for example, prior to government intervention. Bitcoin is the perfect Asset when it comes to the protection of their own wealth, and perhaps also, to have an ‘Emergency pennies’ for the case of the ready, just in case. And so it is estimated that the Bitcoin 5 percent of these assets could tap. The assets of the so-called High-Net-Worth Individuals (=people who have more than $ 1 million in Assets available for trade) is estimated to be 46 trillion dollars.
In the Following you will see the original tweet:

How realistic is the market capitalization of 1 trillion

Of course, the question comes up when reading of such an article: “how realistic this forecast is, anyway?” – On the one hand, we have seen just now, the three above-mentioned assumptions. These are to trace, as such, first well. The question to ask here is whether one considers these assumptions as realistic. How realistic is it that Bitcoin does, for example, 15% the gold capitalization?
Personally, I think that it is the sum of the three assumptions is, making in the Whole a coherent image. BTC would reach the market capitalization of 1 trillion USD, the Bitcoin price at the time of 55.000 USD. A value of seems from the current perspective, perhaps intangible, but certainly not untouchable is. We speak of a rate value that is approximately 6 Times as high as the current price. If we think over a period of 3-5 years, it does not seem to be quite absurd to speculate that Bitcoin 5 percent of the amount of money that covers, as a non-impoundable Asset for wealthy individuals and/or as a competitor to Gold, a part takes over.
In the light of other events, such as the Halving and the increased institutional interest, we are on a good way in this direction. Oh, and then there’s the Stock-to-Flow Model of PlanB, which fits perfectly in these forecasts. In short: even if the number sounds huge, in my opinion, is a medium – to long-term Bitcoin market capitalization of $ 1 trillion to reach.

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Bitcoin is at $ 1 trillion? – How realistic are the assumptions for you blades and BTC has the potential to reach this mark?
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