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Currently there is a great variety of sources of information, which help us effectively to know the direction of Bitcoin and the market crypto in general. The sources of data, analysts, brokers, news, and exchanges; they are the main sources of information. Then, 30 links that will be of use if you are a follower of the cryptocurrencies:

Sources of data

1. CoinMarketCap In this page you will find description of almost all of the cryptocurrencies in circulation, as well as the extensive list of exchanges today. Plus you get useful tools, resources, and a blog where are published articles relevant with frequency. 2. Messari In this portal you will find a information with more detail, not only the current price of each currency, but that gives you an section of analysis, a of pro research, podcasts, and your community. In addition to offering you the chance to download free reports. 3. Coin Dance Consists of a portal that presents the detailed statistics and services of Bitcoin driven by the community; but in addition, you can find a summary of the network, the rate of hash, profitability, rates, fees, rewards, among other information of great utility, both for those who have time to study Bitcoin as for anyone who just starts. 4. Nomics This link takes you to a page that shows an excellent summary of the behavior of the criptomercado with the detail of the main cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. In addition, if you want to delve deeper, has a menu that provides the detail of the cryptocurrencies, the exchange and the market 5. TradingView In this portal not only will you find detailed information about Bitcoin, but you can learn from other cryptocurrencies and trading. Their drop-down menus allow you to navigate in the most varied information of the forex market and the crypto. 6. in Addition to being a exchange that gives you the opportunity to invest, explore and analyze the market crypto, provides statistical data, prices, graphics, verifier of transactions, speed, hash rate, among others. 7. Feeling of Bitcoin Is to offer through a numerical indicator, the feeling that it generates in people the Bitcoin, that emotional part that every individual feels to invest and risk money. Bitcoin is not exempt from these feelings. People tend to get scared when they see numbers in red and looking to sell, as well as the greed makes them about buying when you observe rising abruptly. 8. WhaleAlert Consists of a portal which shows you the detail of millions of transactions that are performed in the world-cryptographic, offers the time, the amount, the quantity, the origin and the destination in real-time. In addition, it is recognized as an important source of information in vivo by instilling confidence and transparency in the blockchain and the main cryptocurrencies. 9. Calendar of events The world Blockchain / Crypto advances by leaps and bounds, and it is a good idea to attend the various events that occur in the major cities of the world. In CriptoTendencia we have the calendar full, so you can choose which event to attend.


10. Anthony Pompliano Anthony Pompiliano is a partner and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. Daily offers analysis of news blockchain for institutional investors. in his blog you can find a lot of very useful information, but you have to subscribe to access all the information. 11. Thecryptodog Began to undermine Bitcoin in 2011, he has also served as a contractor to market and investor of blockchain, in which he devotes all of his time. Currently has a high popularity as a technical analyst of the ecosystem crypto. 12. Max Keiser, he Began buying Bitcoin when it just cost 1 dollar. He is the founder of @HeisenbergCap. Is defined as an inventor, in addition to make predictions of market and cryptocurrencies. 13. Mark Yusko Founder, CEO and Chief Investment officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management. Alternative thinking about investments. Co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital. 14. Trace Mayer, Advocate of the monetary sovereignty and host of the podcast @bitcoinkn. A Torrent of Radiant where he interviews the world’s most influential cryptographic. 15. Thomas Lee has been conducting research based on evidence from 1993. He is co-Founder of Fundstrat where it offers service of portfolio strategy, report factors and fundamental analysis of the sector. 16. Tuur demeester score Recognized analyst and investors in different financial markets. Possesses extended knowledge in economic cycles. He is a founding partner of the fund investment Adamant Capital. With more than 200,000 followers on Twitter, is considered one of the most important influencers of the market crypto.


17. Plus500 One of the best brokers for trading of cryptocurrencies, if it is not the best. The signature after the broker listed on the london stock exchange, and is regulated by an extensive list of relevant bodies. It is allowed to open real accounts with a deposit of 100 us dollars. 18. XTB Is a broker leader in Spain, for trading of indices, forex, commodities and CFD of cryptocurrencies. It has an excellent platform from which the operations are performed in a simple way. Is up-regulated in all countries where it has a physical presence. 19. PrimeBit A broker that is fairly new, focused entirely to the trading of cryptocurrencies, for this reason they offer excellent services to invest in this market. Variety of pairs of cryptocurrencies can be operated in this broker. One of the best benefits that it offers to its customers a 10% discount on fees of the trade. 20. SimpleFX Is one of the most variety of pairs of cryptocurrencies offers to invest. Requires No minimum deposit and the opening of the real account is really simple. It offers different methods of payment and withdrawal for the convenience of its customers. 21. ETFinance Positioned itself as one of the best brokers in Europe, with a wide range of instruments offered, which includes CFD for a great list of cryptocurrencies. To invest in cryptocurrencies while in Spain, it is an excellent option.


22. CriptoTendencia Currently positioned as one of the best sources of news in the ecosystem crypto for the Spanish-speaking audience. Here you will get educational information, technical analysis, fundamental, relevant news, tutorials, data, etc 23. Bloomberg Ranked as one of the most important companies providing software, data and news related to the financial field. In the news portal you encounter various analysis and relevant information related to the market crypto and technology blockchain. 24. CoinDesk Is considered the leader in market news crypto for English-speaking audiences. The team CoinDesk public from report where you deal with issues in their entirety, through-the-minute news, and technical analysis, mainly Bitcoin. 25. News Google Is an aggregator and news search engine, segmented by niche and updated every 15 minutes according to the relevance of the same. It is an excellent source of information to get the most important news in a simple way.


26. Binance Is the largest Exchange thanks to its market capitalization. It provides services easy-to-use, available in various languages, and with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, it possesses a great quality competitive, thanks to their token native BNB, because with its use are achieved to lower the consiferablemte the costs of transactions within the exchange. 27. Okex Is located in the top 10 of exchangers by market capitalisation published in CoinMarketCap. It offers a large number of pairs to trade, as well as leverage and options future 28. Bitfinex Is one of the exchanges used by those who make exchanges recurring, due to the low costs of transaction, as well as leverage and significant liquidity. Offers OTC market to the weekends. 29. Bittrex Offers high liquidity and more than 100 pairs to do trading of cryptocurrencies, which makes it an excellent option for types of trade intraday and swing. 30. Changelly In spite of not being a part of the 10 exchanges larger, has a great advantage in that it allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies with credit cards. I hope this collection will be of your liking. Save the link of this publication in a place where you can access it with ease, you may need them later. The following two tabs change content below. Creative editor and trader of cryptocurrencies, currencies, fiat, and commodities.

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