$ 367 million in Bitcoin have been transferred for a small fee

April 29, 2020 by Clementine

The Bitcoin network has just passed a new record in terms of transaction cost after you have transferred $ 367 million for the derisory sum of 0.63.

The transfer cost is not expensive

A crypto-whale has transferred 50 000 BTC for only 0,63 $, an amount negligible compared to the transaction charges applied by the banking services. Transfer fee, also modest ones are not viable for transfer services classic. However, the transfer in BTC was made of a portfolio is anonymous and does not identify the persons involved in the transaction.
However, this is not the first time that the Bitcoin network transfers an astronomical amount for a mouthful of bread. This march 20, the platform Binance has made an internal transfer 76 125 bitcoins, or about $ 500 million, for less than a dollar.
By now the transfer fees are extremely low, the bitcoin could potentially attract a larger number of traders and be emulated with financial services. In fact, the absence of intermediaries, explains these transaction costs minimal, which makes it even more advantageous the use of digital assets.

The crypto-currency Bitcoin

Other crypto-currencies claim to apply the transfer fee, the least expensive of the crypto-industry. However, the rate of the hash of the Bitcoin would be significantly higher than in the other Blockchain, and offers the greatest security to the users. In fact, a hashrate ratio allows to avoid a takeover of the network via an attack of 50% was perpetrated by the cyber-criminal.
Because of these facts, the BTC is the only safe way to move 50 000 BTC without hassle and at low cost.
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