4 things that keep the price of Ripples XRP at the Moment on the ground

Ripples XRP had developed in the year 2020, first of all, very good and in mid-February from a peak of 0.34 dollars reached before the Token is passed back to just below 0.30 dollars. Unfortunately, XRP was not immune to the losses that have made this week, virtually the entire crypto space. What might prevent the crypto currency now, so the rest of?

Ripple-the case is not dismissed yet

A Federal judge in California yesterday ruled that the collection will not be dismissed against Ripple. A group of investors sued the company and claimed that they had lost with the sale of XRP money, after you had been tricked by the advertising statements of the Ripple””.
The judge dismissed certain claims, but Ripple had requested that the claim be fully dismissed because it was filed more than five years after the first supply of XRP in the year 2013.
The investors will now get the opportunity to bring Ripple due to the sale of unregistered securities in court. Ripple says that this “would upset the established XRP market, and thus threaten to destroy the established XRP market on a broader base”.

XRP-value paper status is unknown

Speaking of non-registered securities: U.S. securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has still taken no decision on whether they classified Ripples XRP as the value of paper. You should take finally, the Position that the Ripple-weighted assets is no value to paper, then this should also negate the class-action lawsuit.
The SEC has left the decision certainly time. In June 2018, it has classified Bitcoin and Ethereum as a currency and not as securities, but was indecisive in terms of XRP.
At the time, some believed that the decision of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the year 2015, that Ripple is allowed to continue to sell XRP brands, means that the SEC could not be classified as securities.
Now 20 months have passed and the SEC has not come up today to the same result.

IPO terms and conditions

Already in January, Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse indicated that the company would, in all probability sometime in the next 12 months on the stock exchange and shares in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to sell.
Some were of the opinion that such a step is equivalent to XRP investors pull away the ground from under the feet, and that the Token would be Essentially worthless.
If a stock exchange is to be initiated, it must Ripple to convince the investors of its commitment to XRP and its value for the future.

Missing XRP-Support

We are serious about this. While many of the other Kryptos have known Fans, it looks like in the case of XRP and Ripple is not quite as good.
To be said only at the beginning of the week Anthony Pompliano interview unequivocally in a television, that he would buy Ripples XRP never.

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BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes called XRP at the beginning of the month “Hundesch****”, as his company is announced as a Trading Pair for eternal Swaps. Also Tone Vays likes to tell of what he hates to XRP at the most.
Even the retired UFC fighter Ben Askren felt the need to say something – and said that he hold XRP for a “fraud”.
Maybe the support of a big name would help Ripples XRP to come back up?

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