4x as high as 2016! New all-time high for a Google Search for “Bitcoin halving”

If data from the Google search results are an indication, then the anticipation begins slowly and/or to Hype the upcoming halving of Bitcoin. The historical Trend has led, in the case of Bitcoin, the price to the previous two and a half coats new all-time highs has been reached.
In the meantime, activities peak values are also in the On-Chain, which also lead to a significant increase in transaction fees. What relates to the fundamentals of the network, so the Hash has a fixed-Rate in good time before the halving in a week, the new ATH.

Anticipation of the Bitcoin halving to take more

According to data from Google Trends, on the @runtheirstops on Twitter points out, is the search interest in Bitcoin halving now four times as large as it was before the halving in 2016. As previously reported, Google has increased searches for “Bitcoin halving” in the last few weeks.
In the four years since the last halving, the market capitalization of the largest crypto-currency has become increasingly popular. BTC and crypto currencies in General are no longer a niche topic of the discussion, you need to have in the Mainstream financial world and government circles occupied an important position.
Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the anticipation of Bitcoins increases, halving quickly – especially given the history of Bitcoins and a half coats. In the case of the two previous “cuts to the block subsidy compensation” reached the Bitcoin spot price one year later, a new all-time high.
About one and a half years after the halving in July 2016, the Bitcoin has exceeded the price as we know, almost to the milestone of 20,000$. In fact, the last halving an 18-month bull rang in the running for the highest rank in crypto currency, the price of about $650 to $19.800 increased – an increase of almost 3,000%.

Increase in On-Chain activity

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The many Google Searches are not the only indicator of the growing anticipation of the upcoming halving. Also, the activities within the Chain to take. This has sometimes led to an increase in transaction fees, as buyers accumulate continue to BTC.
This accumulation suggests that the market expects a further massive increase in the price of BTC. Even the fast-paced crash on Black Thursday in mid-March seems to have little helped to dampen the appetite of retail investors on Bitcoin.
On the institutional side, the Figures of the crypto markets, derivatives and the investment inflows in instruments such as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is also a renewed interest from players with deep pockets to go.
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