5 cryptocurrencies most appreciated of the week: privacy and contracts smart

Key facts:

The market for cryptocurrencies is still in green. The altcoins they earn nearly 40%.

The price of bitcoin recorded, on average, an advance of approximately of 3.52%.

Between 30 may and 5 June, the market of the cryptocurrencies continues to rise. Except for very few exceptions, all of the cryptocurrencies rise in price significantly. Some altcoins recorded increases of up to almost 40%.

The main criptomoneda of the market, BTC, has been growing in the last few days; their average improvement was of 3.52%. Its value ranged between $ 9.442 may 30, and $ 9.747 at the time of this writing, according to the statistics of Live Coin Watch.

The price of other cryptocurrencies of importance also recorded increases. Ether (ETH) wins on average 9,72%, while litecoin (LTC) goes up 5,92%, and XRP from Ripple increases 2,98%. Although ethereum classic (ETC) is shown at low 4,81% less.

Between the cryptocurrencies highlights of the week are beam (BEAM), cardano (ADA), and IOTA (MIOTA). Stellar (XLM) and decred (DCR) complete the group of crypto assets more appreciated in these seven days.


Beam stands out as one of the cryptocurrencies focused on privacy. Based on the protocol MimbleWimble, during this week, its price ranged between us $ 0,384 may 30 and USD 0,512 this 5 of June. Its growth was 38.5%.

The highest value during the week was recorded on June 2, with $ 0,567. Their movement in these seven days presents light and continuous corrections to arrive at the current price. The market capitalization is USD 32.4 million. The trade in the last 24 hours has been USD 69 million.

The project Beam announced through his Twitter account the developments concerning its next update, which will take place at the height of the block is 777777. It is expected that the bifurcation to occur, the 28th June with the launch of Eager Electron 5.0 for the desktop.

In this way, the algorithm of PoW will change BeamHash II to BeamHash III, as explained in your blog. One of the ideas with this hard fork is to allow the miners GPU to have a head-start in mining, when the rewards are at its highest point. With this think give time to create an algorithm that is optimal for the network to exploit in the future.

Source: Live Coin Watch


Cardano is located between the most appreciated for the second week in a row. The price of the criptoactivo kicked off the week with a value of USD 0,065, by closing these seven days with a value of USD 0,085.

After reaching this minimum the 29 of may, on that date begins a continuous climb that took it to trading in a maximum of USD 0,09 this June 3. On average its growth was 31,74%. The market capitalization is USD 2.195 million, and the volume of daily trading is USD 151,1 million.

According to the new roadmap presented last week by Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, after the introduction of Shelley, scheduled for 7 July this year, the network will move from being centralized to distributed. Hoskinson also revealed that changes will be made in the rewards of betting and the fork system lasts.

Source. live Coin Watch


The network of IOTA running transactions within the digital economy of the Internet of things (IoT, or Internet of Things). MIOTA, the criptomoneda of this network is based on a book distributed, called Tangle. The token was found this week in third place. Its growth was 20,96%, cotizándose to $ 0,243 at the close of this report.

Following a peak of USD 0,214 may 30, the criptoactivo fell to 0,238 dollars may 31. On June 1, the price begins a slow climb until reaching a peak of USD 0,246 on June 2, and another of USD 0,257 on the 3rd day of the same month. The capitalization of IOTA is USD 675,6 million, with a trade volume of USD 9.3 million in the last 24 hours.

According to what you read in your corporate blog, this 5 of June, the team has released version 0.4.0 of the Hornet, “a node light developed jointly with the community and the Foundation IOTA”. This is a new version of the software node in the framework of a series of updates of the protocol, known as a Chrysalis (IOTA 1.5). According to what is said in the writing, these updates will lead to a substantial increase in the speed, performance and usability of the network.

Source: Live Coin Watch


Within the group of the cryptocurrencies most appreciated this week decred is located on the fourth place. His advance was of 19,44%. Happened quoted in USD 14,56 at the beginning of the week, at a valuation of USD 17.38 per the time of drafting this note.

The criptomoneda progress was made notorious in its price since June 1, reaching a maximum of USD 18,90 on the 4th of June, although it has been low at the beginning of this 5 of June, with a slight recovery in the last few hours. The capitalization is $ 201,6 million, with a daily trade of USD 6.6 million.

According to what reported by the company in its corporate blog this 2 of June, the work on a new implementation of providers of services of vote is about to finish. With this, users will have a mechanism to interact in the system test of participation of Decred, which usually requires the use of a wallet always online. In this way, you want to ensure a better privacy.

Source: Live Coin Watch


The price of the XLM came up in 18,25% in the course of this week. Its highest value was recorded on June 3, when it came to $ 0,086. The rising began, steadily, the day may 30, with a minimum value of USD 0,070 may 31. For the time of this writing is quoted in USD 0,080. The market capitalization is of about us $ 1.611 million, and its daily trade of USD 347,5 million.

Stellar is a criptomoneda developed based on a chain block itself, which has as its goal to facilitate transactions between different classes of coins.

Among the novelties related to the criptomoneda is the association of Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), and Elliptic, a leading provider of risk management solutions cryptocurrencies. According to what stated on Twitter, the plan is to integrate the tools of compliance of Elliptic within the network Stellar. For the Foundation, the enforcement tools are critical to pave the way towards a wider adoption of the technology of blockchains and digital currencies.

Source: Live Coin Watch Source: Live Coin Watch

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