5 cryptocurrencies most appreciated of the week: privacy and payments

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The market of cryptocurrencies presents ups and downs. Some altcoins have hikes of up to 21%.The price of bitcoin earn approximately 3,74% in these seven days.Between the 21 and the 27 of march the market of the cryptocurrencies presents ups and downs. While the prices of some cryptocurrencies record highs, other are listed in red. In this way, some altcoins go up in the averages that are more than 20% and others experience decreases of up to 10% less.The main criptomoneda of the market, BTC is still recovering slowly. Its price ranged between us $ 6.656 the 21st day of march, and USD 6.648 at the time of this writing, according to the statistics of Live Coin Watch.The price of other cryptocurrencies of importance varies between ups and downs. Ether (ETH) loses on average -3,67%, ethereum classic (ETC) low -3,68%, litecoin (LTC) decreases of 4.2%, and XRP from Ripple goes up 7%.Between the cryptocurrencies with greater appreciation in these seven days are monero (XMR), ripple (XRP) and bitcoin (BTC). The top 5 cryptocurrencies more appreciated is complete with cardano (ADA) and tron (TRX), which, although they are in low, record the losses less significant.


The criptomoneda is placed on the first place among the most prized in these seven days. With its focus directed toward the privacy, XRM recorded one of the averages, highest appreciation, with a growth that is estimated at 21.2 percent.The price started from USD 40,89 on the 21st of march and has followed an ascending curve until it reaches USD 50,75 this 27 of march, being this the highest value in these seven days. The lowest value was presented on the 22nd and 23rd of march, when the criptomoneda fell to USD 38. The market capitalization is over USD 885 million, 9 million, and the volume of daily trade of USD 72.5 million.Among the recent information about the criptomoneda, are the comments of the enthusiasts of the project, who were raised on reddit what would be the alternatives that would be the case if a government restricts the privacy in the cryptocurrencies or that simply prohibits the use of coins oriented to privacy. In two debates the users got to know that, in a hypothetical restriction, would assert their rights.The reason for the debate is related to several aspects among which include the following: which Monero has been excluded from various exchange houses in the last year, by the pressures of regulatory-related feature-oriented privacy, and a bill in the Congress of the united States that would seek to restrict the encryption or technology companies to apply “best practices” to monitor the data or messages before being shared.Source: Live Coin Watch

XRP Ripple

XRP from Ripple, the third criptomoneda largest by market capitalization, had an average improvement of 7,56% in price in the last seven days and is currently listed in USD 0,1764. A gradual increase is seen mainly from the 26 of march.The minimum value was presented this march 26 with a quote of USD 0,1486. The market capitalization is $ 7.442 million. In the meantime, the volume of trade in the last 24 hours has been around USD 1.286 billion.Between the information this week, linked to the criptomoneda, is the announcement of the company of remittances listed on the Nasdaq exchange, International Money Express (Intermex), in which he points out that there will take advantage of the solutions of Ripple (XRP) for their markets, “power plants” such as Mexico.The firm, which partnered with Ripple last month, in the last call to announce its financial results, president and CEO of Intermex, Robert Lisy, said: “Ripple will not be a response to places like Mexico.”Source: Live Coin Watch


The third place among the cryptocurrencies most prized corresponds to bitcoin (BTC), the main criptomoneda by market capitalization. The criptomoneda comes to recovering from a significant decline a few weeks ago, when he suffered a historic drop in the middle of the panic generated in the world by the coronavirus.In the past seven days recorded a growth. The average progress was 3,74%. After that the price fell to USD 5.800 march 23, the same day he began a boom uptrend that took the share price to a peak of USD 6.870 25 march.In the course of the week the criptomoneda experienced a slight advance. Specifically, the 23 of march, the markets react to one of the measures of monetary stimulus most dramatic of the story. The Federal Reserve reports on the purchase of all types of assets as a strategy to recover the economy. Consequently, both gold and bitcoin have risen, while the stock indices traditional world, such as the index Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500 of the united States) and the Euro Stoxx 50 (Europe), reached all-time lows.The bias to the upside remains in this last few hours, with a growth of 0.05% in 24 hours. At the time of writing this report, the capitalization is USD 121.552 million, while the volume of daily trading is USD 12.451 million.Source: Live Coin Watch


The price of the criptoactivo kicked off the week with a value of USD 0,0291, closing these seven days with a value of USD 0,0301. After reaching a minimum of USD 0,0268 the 23 of march. On the same date began to rise to reach a maximum of us $ 0,0313 the 26 of march. The market capitalization is USD 781 million and the volume of daily trading is USD 29 million.This week, it unleashed a controversy surrounding the cardano. The co-founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, said in a tweet that Wikipedia was removing repeatedly the “document most quoted on proof of stake” in his article on the topic. He points out that although there have been repeated attempts to include it, the document is still deleted under the excuse of generating a “conflict of interest”. In consequence, asked to told their followers to submit a complaint to Wikipedia about these removals.Source: Live Coin Watch


Although the criptomoneda tron registered a decrease in these seven days, is among the most highly prized by presenting one drop little pronounced. With a low average -0,67%, the value of TRX The value of the criptomoneda rose steadily from 23 march, when he spent a minimum of USD 0,0103 to USD 0,0111, reaching a peak of USD 0,0120 this 27 of march. In the last hours, its progress is 0.46%, for trading in USD 0,0117 at the close of this report.The market capitalization was USD 769,3 billion to today’s date. The volume of daily trading is USD 190.5 million.Generally, the recent price movements of TRX are associated with the information disclosed by the leader of the platform Justin Sun, through his Twitter account. On this occasion, made reference to a report of Dapp Review according to which the number of decentralized applications (dApps) of the network Tron came to 725. “The daily active users, transactions, and the trading volume remained stable,” he added, perhaps alluding to the turmoil that the coronavirus has been generated in the ecosystem.Source: Live Coin Watch

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