5 cryptocurrencies most appreciated of the week: side chain, dApps and IoT

Key facts:

The market of cryptocurrencies has a tendency majority to the poor.The price of bitcoin low on average -3,71% in the course of the past 7 days.Between the 18 and the 24 of January the market of the cryptocurrencies presents a downward trend. With very few exceptions almost all of the cryptocurrencies recorded drops in their prices, some of which came up to almost 24% less.The price of BTC experienced a decline since last January 19, after having passed the barrier of the USD 9,000 the day 18. On average, criptomoneda descended -3,71% in these seven days, hovering around again the margins of the $ 8,000. At the time of this writing is quoted in USD 8.518, according to the statistics of Live Coin Watch.The price of other cryptocurrencies of importance also shown declines. Ether (ETH) low average -2,71%, Ethereum classic (ETC) falls -15%, litecoin (LTC) lost -10,33%, while the price of XRP from Ripple records 4,41% less.In the top of the most appreciated of the week are stratis (STRAT), tezos (XTZ), and Iota (MIOTA) with increases of between 4% and 5%. We continue to cardano (ADA) and nem (XEM), with growth hovering around 0% to 3%.


The token native STRAT recorded an average gain of 5.8% during the week. The price started from USD 0,3312 the 18 of January, falling to a minimum of USD 0,3215 on the 19th of the same month. Its maximum value was presented on the 22nd of January when it traded at USD 0,4449. At the close of this report is valued at USD 0,3577.With a market capitalization of USD 35 million and a volume of daily trade of USD 998.278 approximately, STRAT is mobilized mainly in the houses of change Binance and UpBit. During this week, the company announced the winners of the challenge Stratis Smart Contracts Challenge, which took place the past months of November and December.The first place, with a prize of USD 10,000 was awarded to the creation of Cirrus Swap, a platform for decentralized created with Stratis Smart Contracts ” that allows users to keep tokens and liquidate operations in the side-chain Cirrus Sidechain. In second place with a prize of USD 5,000, it was to the gaming application blockchain Wheelgame. The third position, of USD 3,000, was to the web application for digital signatures Stratis Signature. Source: Live Coin Watch


The price of XTZ, the criptomoneda native of the network of Tezos, in these seven days ranged between us $ 1,42 on the 18th of January, and USD 1,52 at the time of this writing, being its minimum value of USD 1.37 for the 19 of January. Since that date, recorded a sustained growth that brought the weekly average to 5,11%.The market capitalization is of about us $ 928 million and its daily trade of us $ 20 million. The platform kicked off this 2020 with announcements concerning the new version of your API (v005-2019-12-05), which was launched this January 14. Among the features that were added with this update, there is an index of large map complete, as well as a set of features to access the contracts database smart.The new version of the API also allows developers to write applications without the need to decode binary data. On the Twitter account of the Foundation Tezos are offering tips of support about the update. Source: Live Coin Watch


The main objective of the network of IOTA is to facilitate the execution of transactions within the digital economy of the Internet of things (IoT, or Internet of things). Based on a book distributed, called Tangle, the criptomoneda of this network is to MIOTA. In these seven days the token was a growth of 4.31%, cotiz├índose to USD 0,2389 at the close of this report.Following a peak of USD 0,2529 on the 18th of January, the criptoactivo fell to 0,2284 dollars on the 19th of the same month. Then began to rise again until it reaches USD 0,2540 the day 20, with slight corrections the following days. A new decline in the January 23, drove the price to USD 0,2332. From that date stays more or less stable up to the current price of USD 0,2357.De according to what you read in your corporate blog, the Foundation IOTA announced on January 20 the launch of the updated version of the technical document Coordicide, a protocol, which-in their view – represents “a crucial step towards the realization of the promise of IOTA being the first technology of accounting distributed decentralized forest and scalable”. This is an update of the white book or white paper that explains its latest developments. The idea is to offer opinions and comentariosLa capitalization of IOTA is USD 659 million, with a trade volume of USD 8.25 million in the last 24 hours. Source: Live Coin Watch


This week the Foundation Cardano was promoting in their official website their participation in the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, until January 24. In the framework of this event will be reported on a possible agreement with the company GenTwo AG for the launch of a new project in the financial sector, based on the platform of Cardano.Meanwhile, the price of the criptoactivo kicked off the week with a value of USD 0,0429, falling to a minimum of USD 0,0412 the 19 of January to climb back up from the day 20, when it traded at USD 0,0441. After reaching a peak of USD 0,0460 the 21 of January, he again slowly in the last few days. A rise is observed this January 24. For this time ADA is valued at USD 0,0448.The market capitalization is USD 1.153 million and the volume of daily trading is USD 39.2 million. Source: Live Coin Watch


XEM, the criptomoneda native platform NEM (New Economy Movement), began this week with a quote of USD 0,0398. This value dropped significantly on the day 19 of January when the criptomoneda was valued at USD 0,0362. After staying more or less stable in the following days, presents a spike that takes the price to a peak of USD, 0,0436 the 22 of January.From that date begins a new descent that stops this January 24, when the price reached USD 0,0378, to begin to climb in the last hours and reach USD 0,0402. At the time of this writing the price is $ 0,0396. On average, criptomoneda rises by 0.71% in these seven days, although it currently has a tendency to rise.The market capitalization is around USD 354 million, with a volume of daily trade of $ 21 million. The ups and downs of the criptoactivo could be related to the dissemination of information related to the association with the travel company Travala, as it reads on his Twitter account. It is a service of reserves of tourist accommodation with more than 2 million hotels in 230 countries. Currently offers up to a 40% discount to the holders of XEM. Source: Live Coin Watch

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