5 news crypto highlights of the week

To end the week, we decided to expose the news crypto more prominent. Noting that we have selected 5 events which have generated quite a lot of interest throughout the page.

Who do you think is the Crypto Influencer more important in the world?

Beginning of the news crypto with one that your level of churning is low, but it makes us illusion by the interaction. We refer to our survey to you, seeking to know what is the crypto influencer more important according to our readers. In this way we will be able to know which of all the professionals that we have exposed is your favorite. The survey is from the characters, eccentric as Max Keiser, to classics such as Vitalik Buterin. Below are the final results:

LatinBet24 revolutionizes the industry with the biggest bets for the Super Bowl LIV

Continuing with the news crypto highlights of the week, we found a that is associated with the biggest sporting event in the united States. We refer to the possibility of betting on the Super Bowl this year, thanks to the platform LatinBet24. Allowing fans to wager using their cryptocurrencies, demonstrating his passion for the sport and his team.

Kraken devised a way to hack Trezor

Raising the level of the polemic, we find a news story that shocked the criptomercado whole. We refer to the publication by the people of Kraken, which they decided to share a guide of how to hack the portfolios of Trezor. It can be seen that it is a polemical issue because it was exposed to all the world a way to break the crypto of the people. So, at the end of our article we share measures to avoid being affected.

Dollarization of Venezuela thanks to a “Crypto”

Raising further the bar of what’s controversial, we get into the issues of Venezuela, highlighting that these are sensitive issues for Latin America in general. On this occasion we explained the situation of the country, particularly focused on the recent actions of regulators with the use of the “crypto”, the Petro.

The Petro is sold on LocalBitcoins

Finally, the cherry on top of the news crypto, is apparently the largest platform for exchanges of Latin America, LocalBitcoins, is allowing the commercialization of controversial currency of the Petro. This news has generated opinions mixed about it, considering that it is an unexpected event for the world. Once exposed to the news crypto most important of the week, we invite you to join us a week more to learn about this crypto market. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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