5 tips from a bitcoiner in Venezuela to bring the quarantine by the coronavirus

Key facts:

It is time to take care of your health and finances, minimizing the excesses.You have to prepare for the world that comes with the passing of the pandemic coronavirus.The coronavirus (or COVID-19) has spread throughout the world, including most Latin american countries. Has hit hard countries like Spain, Italy, China and the united States. This has led to the rest of the countries with less health infrastructure and resources, to make a call to quarantine its citizens to prevent further spread of the virus.Maintaining a quarantine is not easy, less if you have not gone through great crises in your country, such as power outages or general long protests that force you to be safe for a long time in your house.I would say that the circumstances of Venezuela, added to that I have been working more than two years since my home I have been predisposed to be a good way to cope with this new situation spot. I think that the majority of venezuelans identify with the following meme, as that instability is the norm here.Venezuela has undergone several economic crises, food shortages and power cuts.With the above, do not attempt to put to Venezuela, unless their government, with moral superiority in the management of crisis, but rather reflect how their citizens learned to endure one crisis after another. Even in a situation as serious, we try to handle things with humour, as the world continues to spin and not to the problems of any individual.My intention with this note is to give a few 5 tips or tips, on how I am coping with this crisis with my family in Caracas, Venezuela.

1. Organize your time and space

As I’ve been working from home, I have a set work schedule. As Coordinator of content for Breaking News, I dedicate myself to the search of news, as well as to support the reporters in the creation of their notes from the morning until the afternoon, trying not to spend more than 8 hours working and only I take my breaks to eat and other needs.The rest of the day to dedicate it to share with my wife and son, and to distract myself on my own playing video games or watching some series. For me it is always necessary to have Internet and electricity, services that some regions of Venezuela are the most unstable, in the event of failure I would devote myself to read a book.For work, I have my office in one of the rooms of the house, with a good ergonomic chair to avoid back pain by take several hours of sitting. Finally, I dedicate certain days to go out and buy supplies for the house and also I dedicate myself to learn new things with the digital events that are organizing different communities of the niche by the world.

2. Take care of your health and your family

It is important that you spend about 45 minutes a day to exercise within your house, since it is necessary to maintain a good health. Also, there is that caring for the mental health because not all of them are used to being locked up so long in his house with his family. If this is your case, it is best to find activities that distract you from the confinement, to be exercises, to learn new things, work on the house or other activities.For some, it is difficult to be in the same place up with their families, so it is important to reorganize the way how things are going to take the house, and to better define the spaces / times of each one. Even so, it is a good time to improve relationships with your family, get to know them better and learn to live in a more harmonious way. This will become necessary especially because we will be a lot of time locked up.

3. Manage your finances

Especially if you’re not working. It is likely that in addition to the public health problems associated with COVID-19, the restriction of the economic activities which entails maintaining the populations in quarantine, it’s going to complicate the finances of many individuals and businesses. Many who are unable to work freely, should are cutting back the most of their expenses to be able to resist it with their savings, since you probably can’t work.With this I reiterate the need to get a telecommuting. There are many platforms that serve as houses, jobs or bags jobs that make it easier for freenlancer getting proposals as: fiveer, Freelancer, Upwork, Workana, among others.Also, there are platforms similar to the trade of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which we have covered in Breaking News. Even, the foundations of several projects of cryptocurrencies have a system of funding for different projects with your cryptocurrencies and some are always in the search of personnel to publicize your project.One thing to keep in mind, it is the world crisis which is looming. It is likely that, at some point, several countries prohibit the withdrawal of money from the banks to avoid the break of the same, so it is important to have money in cash and even keep bitcoin, or stablecoins if they can’t do with the volatility of BTC, in order to have funds that can not be stopped by any institution.As times are uncertain, there is a lot of panic in the markets. Therefore, we must be aware of the markets in general and have a good risk appetite to buy bitcoin and be able to be quiet, without having to review how it behaves, the price every 5 minutes.

4. Learn new things

Keep in mind that we are not the only ones that we are carrying a quarantine. All the countries are doing, in greater or lesser degree, in this moment. For this reason, many speaker or experts in different areas have been dedicated to giving webinars of all sorts. If you want to learn about bitcoin, this is the time with so many digital events on bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain that are offering. It is only a matter of find the topic you want to learn.On the other hand, Breaking News offers an extensive Criptopedia that touches on different topics about bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain, with a tone quite pleasant and common. Also, we have a podcast called Consensus, where you can listen to us talking with several experts on different areas of the ecosystem.

5. Plan your future and the steps to achieve it.

The world keeps turning, despite the fact that a large part of the economic activities have declined, sooner or later the effect of the pandemic is to be reduced and soon will be returning to those activities.For this reason, we have to prepare for the new future that is coming. In addition, this idea keeps us high hope and prepares us for what is coming. So, if you have some skill you want to develop or a project to build, this is the opportune time to run it, if the conditions will allow, or even schedule it to perform more quickly once you reduce the quarantine.

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