7 predictions of Bitcoin in the short term

The Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies possibly be more relevant for the year 2020. This could be due to a large number of factors, among them you can find the halving; an event by which it will pass, possibly causing an increase in the value of such currency.

CEO of Panda Exchange

The CEO of panda exchange stated in an interview that, the price of Bitcoin may be going through a downtrend before the halving that expects the community to crypto. Taking into account the information gathered, and the expectations of Arley Lozano, his prediction does not possess a real view of the price of Bitcoin. Due to that, the CEO of Panda Exchange indicated that, the trend of the cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, is usually to be bound to the opposite of what is expected by the community. This indicated subsequently that it does not expect that the halving affect the short-term the price of BTC. On the other hand, also held a series of comments, in which he mentions different reasons for the criptomoneda could lead to an increase in the short term. In conclusion, Arley Lozano stated that, it is possible that the Bitcoin could be established near the 9,000 USD and 12,000 USD. However, expected to be close to 17,000 USD.

Co-Founder of Blockchain Summit Latam

Christopher Pereira expressed has two points of view, one technical and one more personal, in which it mentions the following: The adoption is one of the most influential factors in the price of BTC; it is something that is already known throughout the community. From the year 2019 has been displayed a huge increase in the adoption of BTC. However, Pereira is not considered sufficient for this growth, and indicates that, for Bitcoin to continue to prosper it is necessary that, the development of new wallets, the implementation of BTC in work areas and the like, to be exploited in its maximum expression. This meant that, while there is a greater amount of enthusiasts, the price of Bitcoin after the halving could be the same, and that their short-term growth will be minimal. On the other hand, in the technical point of view, stated that: the fact of being able to make payments with a high level of safety, speed and efficiency is one of the best advantages of BTC and that the halving is a completely normal procedure of some cryptocurrencies, therefore, surely does not affect its price in the short term.

CEO of Ledn

In the short term the CEO of Ledn, known as Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, said that the Bitcoin may have a change in their price after and before the halving; however you don’t see a bullish trend in the short term. In addition, it also indicated that it did not believe it a coincidence that each halving is performed close to the presidential elections in the united States. On the other hand, he also added that, generally, these periods of elections tend to be poor economically. That is to say, an uptrend is very possible; although the CEO of Ledn maintains a pessimistic attitude.

Co-Founder of Signature and Bitcoin Argentina

Franco Amati said that Bitcoin will have a big growth in various aspects, and that the halving will make an adjustment in the commissions, costs, profitability or other aspects. Even if the halving is usually a process of benefit to many users, there are other individuals who tend to see “trend bearish” when approaching the event. However, Franco Amati believes that 2020 will be helpful for Bitcoin. In addition, he also cited the wallets Lightning Network, which will also have a growth and will be able to continue to thrive during the months of 2020. It is expected that its acceptance and popularity increase for the next few years.

Creator of the bands bollinger

The creator of the bands bollinger, John Bollinger, cited the case of the investors, to prepare for a possible bullish trend. Which, could lead to Bitcoin by over 9,000 USD during the first quarter of the year 2020. This increase in the value of Bitcoin is already remarkable, because the day of today, i.e. February 06, because BTC is traded near the 9,600 USD. In addition, it is possible that the uptrend to continue.


Even if the halving is an event that has caused a dramatic increase in the value of Bitcoin, it is possible that by the year 2020, this increase is not so noticeable, due to several factors; according to a publication of Binance. The first halving caused the value of Bitcoin will go from 11 USD to $ 1,000, which is considered an increase rather unexpected. This made to believe that in all the halvings of the cryptocurrencies would get an increase of that level. However, Binance clarified that due to several aspects, it is considered possible that the increase of BTC is already including in the current value of the criptomoneda. Since, the market is more mature and its growth has been remarkable during the last few months. In conclusion, the “impact of the halving” is already included in the current price of Bitcoin.

Youtuber Tone Vays

Is known as Tone Vays to a youtuber, analyst and operator of cryptocurrencies, who spoke about the odds that the Bitcoin can go up in price at the beginning of the year 2020. Tone Vays indicated that it is possible that the trend to be bearish during the first months of the year. However, when you break this barrier it is possible that the uptrend to be 70% or even more. In addition, he also added in your prediction a tip to those who want to start in the market, indicating that, the Bitcoin is a method of long-term investment that requires patience. Because of that, sometimes it may seem that you have lost money, however, this will recover long; that is to say, between 3 and 5 years. Therefore, it can be said that, to sell by frustration is one of the most common mistakes in the beginning in this market. In conclusion, there are various predictions that indicate that the Bitcoin may have a large increase during the last few months; although there are also more “pessimistic” that indicate that his trend will be bearish before and during the next few months. The following two tabs change content below. I am a young man from Venezuela 18 years, lover of technology, innovation, and economic events that govern the world. One of my passions are cryptocurrencies.

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