$75 million in liquidated! Bitcoin is exploding – but how long the rally has stock?

Bitcoin is now literally exploded – in a move that surprised the bears of the crypto-currency and has led to the liquidated positions worth over 75 million dollars.
The Open Interest (OI) on the popular crypto-trading platform BitMEX went back in time to this movement is also strong, with the freshly liquidated positions many traders seem to have led, in the search for more clarity, first of all, to be seen.
This trail of destruction could have caused the sellers to serious damage and possibly the Bull-Run of crypto-currency is strengthening as it approaches a moving average, which could have a serious impact on their medium-term Trend.
During the beginning of the day, the Benchmark crypto-currency is a sudden rise that took them out of the bottom of the $ 7,000-range to highs of $ 7,800 are on the rise. This movement was totally unexpected, as many analysts have assumed that the resistance 7,200 $ would be a difficult to overcome levels.
The explosive recovery marked a bullish resolution of the narrow Trading Range between 6,800 the $ 7.200 $ in BTC moved in the last few weeks.
After the climb to this peak has levelled off Bitcoin now at its current price of 7.450$, which always marked a remarkable rise from the days lows at about $ 7,000.
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Two remarkable by-products of this volatility, according to information provided by Skew, a rapid decline of Bitcoins OI, as well as a massive increase in the Position resolution.
The OI of BTC – describes the cumulative dollar value of the traders positions held – had risen in the last few days and reached today a peak of about 540 million dollars, before he kraterte after this movement, to just over $ 420 million.
This decline of more than $ 120 million is greater than $ 75 million in positions, which were liquidated during the movement – and the evidence suggests that a significant number of traders has closed due to such volatility positions and prefer to wait.

BTC reached the major moving average in the middle of the Intraday volatility

Another result of this recent movement: it has enabled Bitcoin, the moving 20-week average to tap into a level, which has a tendency, medium-term upward trend trigger, if it is exceeded, and the surrender rate decreases when it is below.
A popular Analyst refers in a recently published Chart on this line and noted succinctly, that BTC have tapped into this level just.
Since the crypto-currency, is currently under this moving average is stuck, could be the question of whether BTC is able to overcome this in the coming hours and days, a significant insight into its medium-term Trend.
Bitcoin is currently risen to # 1 by market capitalization in the last 24 hours to 6,68%. BTC has a billion and a market capitalization of $138,86 billion, with a 24 hour volume of $42,70
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