80.000 Microsoft computer from Virus attacked

Bitcoin Mining needs due to the complex arithmetic operations is known to a lot of resources, such as, for example, Computer-Hardware and electricity. The cheaper a Miner to these resources, the more profitable it is. How convenient it would be if you would get the resources for free? The thought cyber-criminals and a Virus is designed according to Microsoft, in its wedding of 80,000 private Windows-infested Computer. In the meantime, the Software company has taken counter-measures.

Bitcoin Mining Virus worked in Secret

Security researchers from Microsoft say that the Bitcoin Mining Virus called Dexphot, has already infected since October 2018 Computer, and in June it reached its heyday, he found his way in 80,000 different Computer.The Virus works in the background without that the user of the computer even noticing. Once the malicious software is loaded on the Computer, she uses the power and Hardware resources to operate Bitcoin Mining. While the number of infected computers has decreased due to counter-measures steadily, says Microsoft, that Dexphot is characterized by its sophistication and its success.You are looking for a suitable Portfolio Tracker also makes your taxes? Then you should definitely take a look at Accointing. Portfolio Tracking, optimization, and taxation are made easy here. Get the Maximum in your tax Declaration. Sign up for free.

Sophistication surprised even Microsoft

The Computer Virus was able to celebrate his success so far due to some sophisticated mechanisms. This ensured that commercial Antivirus Software detected the intruder. To cover your tracks, it changes every 20-30 minutes, its signature, and installs itself in the meantime to be in order, if possible, not be recognized, and to be able to long Bitcoin Mining to operate. Hazel Kim, Malware Analyst at Microsoft, says:

It is one of the many Malware campaigns that are active at a particular time. His goal is to install a Coin Miner, steals silently computer resources and revenue for the attacker generated. But Dexphot testifies to a degree of complexity, and exceeds the development rate of everyday threats, designed to evade the protection and are motivated to fly for the prospect of winning under the Radar.

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