92 % of institutional investors are opting for storage in crypto-exchange

November 27, 2019 by Antoine

Institutional investors store their assets in crypto-currencies on the stock market, despite exposure to the risks inherent in the crypto-industry. Binance has surveyed 76 users of its platform in order to establish patterns in trading of institutional investors.

An obvious preference for the crypto-exchanges

The second report of Binance on patterns in trading of institutional investors shows the continued use of the sites of exchange of crypto-currencies, such as the location of the most popular for the storage of digital assets.
According to the study Institutional Market Insights within the crypto-stock exchange, 2% of the participants store their virtual currencies with a ties, the option the less secure compared to the portfolio of cold storage.
The researchers explained this fact through the second edition of the survey :

“The sites of crypto-exchange remain the most popular choice with our institutional customers and VIP for the storage of crypto-currencies-to-92,1% “.

Due to the level of security and supervision-systematic portfolios to cold are in the second place preferences of crypto-users of Binance.
Nevertheless, more than 50% of the participants have less than 10 BTC– knowing that a dozen BTC is equivalent to 72 000 $ approximately according to the results of the investigations.

Some advice

To limit the exposure to risk of theft and fraud, the investor must have control of the private key.
On the one hand, exchange platforms for crypto-currencies which Binance and other platforms popular have been the scene of many hacks since last January.
On the other hand, users may see their assets frozen without notice, due to regulatory reviews. The account holders refuse to provide the data on the personal identity of their users, which explains this inconvenience.
The members of the crypto-community should have some control over the storage of their wealth, according to several analysts. Thus, the second edition of the Proof of Keys invites all holders of Bitcoin to withdraw their funds from portemonnaies virtual third parties.
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