a hardware wallet is available for just $ 5!

Today is Cyber Monday! On this day, you can use different websites to take advantage of the huge discounts. Where did Cyber Monday begin? And what deals are available in cryptoland?

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is essentially Black Friday but for online shopping. To this day, was established as a response to Black Friday. Cyber Monday is always the Monday following Black Friday, the day cometh that shall again shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday.
These two days will usher in the beginning of the christmas season. That is, at least in the first instance, for the us. In the last couple of years, this phenomenon has also spread to the Netherlands.
Are often the offers only on that day will be announced. It is quite possible that in the course of the day, becoming more and more well-known, is where you’ll have the best bitcoin deals, you can score a goal.

Cheap hardware wallets

Today, a lot of cryptocurrency hardware wallets on the market today. So, this is the perfect day to get one! For yourself or as a gift for someone else.
A hardware wallet is the most secure way to keep your cryptomunten to keep it. The prices vary widely, but on a day like today, they are far cheaper than in the rest of the year. It’s a one-time investment, but it can be a safe and secure way, your cryptocurrency’s control.

Pay $ 5 for a Keepkey wallet

Shapeshift has a deal where you’re mouth is open-to fall. You have to pay 5 euros for a Keepkey a hardware wallet! Please keep in mind that your shipping charges need to pay for it, the wallet should be the united states of America to be shipped back to the Netherlands.

Get a thirty percent discount on a Ledger hardware wallet

In French Ledger, you get today’s discount of no less than thirty percent, with a Ledger hardware wallet! For example, for the Ledger Nano, or the new Ledger Nano-X.

Even the thirty per cent discount on Trezor

Not only in the Ledger you can score a cheap hardware wallet. With Trezor you’ll see even the thirty per cent discount. In addition, you will not pay any shipping charges if you live within the EU.

Get the best deals on Cryptomaan

Finally, you will pay only 49,99 eur for a Keepkey to Cryptomaan, instead of 99,99 euros. Cryptomaan is the leading Dutch retailer, for the cryptocurrency of hardware wallets. Simply pay with paypal, if you’re not familiar with, for example, or Coolblue. If you order today before 23:30, and then you’ve got your KeepKey morning, all with free delivery to your door!
And not only is the Keepkey in the package Cryptomaan. What did you think of Ledger’s Nano-X, and the Ledger Nano, it’s the bundle? You have to pay for only 149,99 euro instead of 179,99€. Keep in mind that the delivery time will be between three and five working days.

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